Monthly:July 2018

Osprey PIN image

All About a Boat, an Osprey, and a Photograph

When I packed my camera that morning, I had no idea I’d get an opportunity to not only watch an Osprey hunt, but I’d also come home with some fantastic photographs of a local Osprey! I didn’t even know we had such a thing in my little corner of the world.   Suddenly a little head popped up… then another… Osprey heads? I had no idea what kind of bird it was, but it was huge…  and gorgeous…  and was swooping […]

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Ad for Five Simple Ways to be safe meeting a stranger

Safety Tips for Meeting A New Friend from Social Media

You don’t have to be a photographer to make new friends on social media, but being a photographer does give you a good reason to meet up with some of your new social media friends in real person for a photoshoot.

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AD image showing title how to take milky way photos and other events in the sky

How to take Milky Way Photos and other Events in the Sky

The ding of adventure called… and now I can tell you the settings you need to capture amazing photos of the stars and the milky way

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Hand holding a camera in an ad image for Cheap Photography Hacks

5 DIY Hacks that Promise Photo Results Every Time

Do you love taking photos, but wanna save a dime?  Here’s my five best tips to use in place of expensive camera equipment!

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Pink ad image with lighthouse

An Adventure in Lighthouse Photography

Don’t be afraid to get wet. I was wading up to my butt in the lake and I had never done that before.

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