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How to Capture Action in your Photos with Shutter Speed

Freezing Action in your photos can be effortless.  It takes a simple understanding of the exposure triangle and learning how to set your shutter speed correctly for freezing motion. 

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Crazy Simple Prompts Instead of Poses for Natural Photos

When I first meet with a client to discuss a shoot, I often hear them express worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera, or not knowing just how to stand or where to place their hands. This is where Promptography comes in.

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Cats Are Gross, Too… (Part 1)

By now, you know all about my experience with my first dog…  Both as a child and again as an adult.  If you don’t, then you simply must go read Dogs Are Gross and then come back here.  It’s worth your time, I promise!  I’ll wait. It’s worth it! I’ll wait! Okay?  Welcome back! After my parents welcomed Brandy the dog into our home (well, technically our backyard), I became aware of a weakness in our system.  My dad.  Although my dad knew the secret, he also knew that love […]

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Seven Beautiful Portraits of Big Red Lighthouse That Will Inspire You

Holland, Michigan.  The place that I call home is also the home to Big Red.  This beautiful small town in West Michigan lies nestled along the shore of Lake Michigan.  Because we live within just a few minutes of Holland State Park, I naturally get plenty of opportunities to head to the beach. HOLLAND HARBOR LIGHTHOUSE The highlight of our lovely beach is the Holland Harbor Lighthouse, commonly referred to in these parts as “Big Red”.  Folks come from far […]

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You Need to Pack These 10 Crazy Items in Your Camera Bag

Sometimes people are surprised at the crazy things I pack in my camera bag. The truth is every professional photographer has a few must-have items that they can’t live without stuffed in their bag.  “What do I pack in my camera bag?” is a common question for many beginner photographers. 

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