Monthly:August 2018

Mourning Dove with Quote

Seven Inspirational Photo Quotes

Beautiful Photos and Inspirational Words I love a beautiful photo.  I also love beautiful words.  I find both incredibly inspirational, so it just made sense to create some of my own memes with some of my favorite shots and some of my favorite quotes.  Enjoy, and please feel free to share and pin to your heart’s content! My son loves to read the Harry Potter books.  He’s also into reading any kind of graphic novel.  We had a great time […]

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Ad Image for Behind the Scenes of a First-Time Dog Owner

Dogs Are Gross

My grandmother knew the secret… Dogs are gross!

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Ad image with butterfly and title about being kind

Life Lessons From a Butterfly About Being Humble and Kind

Friends, it pays to be nice, no matter who you’re dealing with.

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