Monthly:June 2019

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How $16 Can Solve All of Your White Balance Problems

Of course, we all know that photographers love gadgets! In this series, we’re talking about those great little gadgets that you can pick up for a bargain price and how they affect your photography.

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What Happens When 7 Strong Women Handle Power Tools

What I didn’t know, but learned later, is that the families who receive approval for an affordable home must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity. Among other requirements, they must commit to working a specific number of hours on their own home. Habitat calls this “Sweat Equity”.

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Gadget Review - Silicone Lens Cover

Confessions Of A Gadget Junkie – Silicone Lens Covers

At this point I had simply given up on the lens cap dilemma. I simply stopped using them. I know, I know…. Save your objections. I learned the hard way that this is just a bad solution.

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