Monthly:October 2019

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You Need to Follow These 2 Inspirational Bloggers

Today I am going to share with you two bloggers that I support and read regularly!  It’s worth your time to take a look at their sites and read along. 

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How to Have An Accidental Openhouse with Strangers

We are house hunting, so here’s a funny story about how I made friends with strangers and attended an accidental open house and almost got a new dog!

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Family Photo Tips: How To Rock Your Next Outdoor Family Photo Shoot!

Use these simple family photo tips for an indoor or outdoor family photo shoot. Make sure the family you’re shooting is having a great time.

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 30 – Not Quite Done

Don’t worry – for my own purposes, I think I shall continue posting.  That’s right.  You’re not quite done hearing from me!

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ADITL - Crashing Waves Day 29

A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 29 – Crashing Waves

The lake did not disappoint.  Long before we even hit the parking lot we could see the waves washing over the pier.  Here’s a quick image from our trip.

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