Use This Giant List of Photography Prompts to Capture Natural Photos

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The title says it all! Use this giant list of creative photography prompts to capture natural photos of all of your clients. From kids to seniors and singles to families and groups, start using this list of photo prompts, and you will see a significant shift in the natural look of your portrait sessions. If you’re looking for some creative photography ideas for your next photography project, then look no further!

10 Benefits of Therapy You Won’t Believe – Part 1

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Did you know that the benefits of therapy are for everyone? Many people think the only reason to see a therapist is that they are mentally unbalanced. The truth is you don’t have to be having a mental health crisis to benefit from seeing a therapist. Therapy (also called psychotherapy) helps you develop coping skills, improve thought patterns, and even help with various health conditions. The sad truth is that many of us grew up with the idea that feelings are private and we should not talk about them. Talking about feelings gives the impression that you’re weak.