Self Care Bingo – One of the Very Best Self Caring Games for Personal Growth

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The older I get, the more I appreciate the effects of good self-care!  I have also figured out how hard it can be to practice it daily.  Thank goodness for self-caring games!  I love having tools handy to remind me to treat myself with the kindness and love I deserve each day.  In this post, I will introduce you to my favorite self-caring game and show you how to use it!  Introducing Self-Care Bingo – the Bingo game that helps you take care of yourself!!!

The Top 5 Most Amazing Holland Michigan Beaches

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Whether you are a resident of Holland or one of its neighboring towns, you’ll want to know where the best beaches in Holland, Michigan, are located! Holland sits right on the shore of Lake Michigan, the third largest of the five Great Lakes. The West Michigan area of Lake Michigan’s coast boasts some of the most popular access points to the stunning and unsalted Lake Michigan. If you’re looking for something bustling with activity or off the beaten path, then I have some suggestions for you to check out!