25 Genius Gift Ideas for the Photographer in Your Life!

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25 Genius Gift Ideas for the Photographer in Your Life!

If you have someone in your life who just loves photography, but you’re a little stuck for ideas, then look no further!  Read on for a list of gift ideas that any photographer will love!

Fashion Conscious Graphic

Every photographer loves fine details.  It’s part of what makes them tick and also likely what makes them a great photographer!  So it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that they would like to wear some of those details to give a hint at what they love!

These CUFFLINKS are super unique and make a fun and classy statement for any photographer.  For a trendy photographer or one with a cold neck, check out this TRENDY SCARF with cameras printed on it.

For the more irreverent camera enthusiast, you can find a FUN T-SHIRT that will give a free laugh (or a blush) as a bonus!

If your photographer is more into jewelry or bling, look for a statement piece BRACELET, a stylish and classy RING, or a high-quality CAMERA CHARM for a touch of class! THIS CHARM even holds a mini photo.

Need Another Idea?  Check out my review of the Silicone Lens Caps

Gifts for the Photographer's Home or Office

If your photography-focused loved one can’t get enough of their hobby or profession, then it makes perfect sense that they would want to accessorize their home or office with pieces of décor that speak to their inner artist.

This WOODEN DESK ORGANIZER is perfect for keeping things tidy on the counter at home or the desk at work!

A piece of CAMERA ART makes a lovely accent in an office or a living space.  Just so you don’t try to take a photo with your new decor!

Everyone loves an accent pillow!  There are so many choices and colors, it’s hard to narrow down to just one.  I love the pattern on this ACCENT PILLOW covered in cameras!

Many photographers have a collection of books for display.  If not, now is a great time to start that collection.  From my personal collection, check out HUMANS OF NEW YORK.  You can add a pair of BOOK ENDS to keep everything tidy!

For another great idea, see what I think of the White Balance Disc.

Gifts for the Smartphone Photographer

In today’s digital photography world, many photographers are able to capture real works of art with the camera in their Smartphones.  If that’s the photographer in your life, then be sure and spoil them with gear that goes with their equipment!  Gift Ideas for the iPhone photographer coming up!

A Multi-Function Lens Kit is a great way to start spoiling your Smartphone photographer.  And THIS KIT is rated 5 stars, so take a look!  

This TRAVEL TRIPOD from Peak Design is amazing. Compact and lightweight, it is the perfect tripod for traveling or even for everyday use.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

Know a selfie Queen or King?  Selfies work best when there’s plenty of light, so this RECHARGEABLE RING LIGHT is a perfect attachment.  Tiny and convenient, this light charges via a USB port so it’s always ready!

Another handy tool to have close by for smartphone photography is a WIRELESS TRIGGERThis handy tool comes with a wristband already attached!

For more great ideas for your favorite photographer, check out this Christmas Wish List for Beginner Photographers from my friend Renee at Golden Slumber Photos.

For the Pro Photographer

Next up?  Gift ideas for the pro!  If you are buying for a pro, either seasoned or just starting out in the business, then go ahead and spoil that pro with a piece of high-quality gear that will definitely put a twinkle in their eye and a spring in their step!  You must trust me when I tell you that no photographer will turn down one of these.  All of these are items from my own collection and are tried and true favorites!

The SIGMA 18-35 f/1.8 LENS for Canon rarely leaves my camera in my cozy (aka small) small.  The lens is also great for Landscape photography, and the Art line of lenses by Sigma is not to be beaten for crisp imagery.

Every photographer occasionally needs a pure black or a pure white backdrop for a photo.  This handy POP-UP BACKDROP folds down to a thin and easily store-able size, and pops open in 2 seconds to give a perfectly pure background!

A high-quality, STURDY BACKPACK is a must for every serious photographer.  Gear is not cheap, so it shouldn’t be carried in a cheap bag.  After trying no less than 10 solid camera bags, this one is by-far my favorite.

For the Stocking

Both serious and hobby photographers love a little trinket to show off their passion!  If your budget is under $10, these gift ideas are bargain-priced but will still put a smile on the face of your loved one!

Grab this CAMERA LIGHT KEYCHAIN to accessorize a keyring or hang on a camera bag.

CAPTURE LIFE with this fun accessory!

A little caffeine is essential on editing day, so pick up a funky COFFEE MUG and throw in a couple of K-cups!  If the Photog in your life is more into H2O than caffeine, grab them a WATER BOTTLE.  Either way, they will be hydrated, and that’s always a win!

There is no excuse for a dirty lens or camera with this CAMERA AND LENS CLEANING KIT.

Full disclosure – these MEMORY CARDS come in a little over $10 each, but a photographer can never have enough of them on hand!

Congratulations!  You are now ready to shop for that important photographer in your life!    Have fun, and if you have any questions, please ask away!  I’m happy to answer!

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