A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 1

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 1

Since I started working from home in the spring, I have dedicated my days to get my blog running more fluidly and adding clients to my Rolodex!

I thought you would like to see a peek into what my days look like, so I’m going to try to post something every day for the next 30 days.  It’s a personal goal!  I hope you enjoy!

It sounds easy, right?

Today is a random Friday.  My 6th-grade son had a half-day of school, so I sent him off with the usual hug and “have a good day!” at 7 am.  He walks about a block to our local middle school.  Right now the weather is cool and mild, so with no jacket or boots, it’s an easy trek with his backpack on his back and his wheeled case that holds his beloved glockenspiel tagging behind.

Once he was out the door, I took a little rest moment and caught up on some social media, and read a couple of chapters in my book.  I just started reading “The Miracle & Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets.”  I’ll let you know how I like it as I go.  I would love to read along with someone, so let me know if you want to join me!

Wayde Toy

I had a client scheduled for 9 am, so my downtime flew by quickly.  I was also planning to pick up a toy from someone locally for my super-cute and almost 1-year-old grandson, so I took a speedy shower and made myself presentable.  The bonus here is that when I leave the house before 9 am, I treat myself to a quick run through McDonald’s for my fave breakfast – an egg McMuffin and a Diet Coke.  I know – Diet Coke for breakfast is not ideal, but hey – it’s my vice and we all get at least one, right?

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I grabbed my Diet Coke, picked up my awesome $5 racetrack, and zoomed back home just in time for my client to arrive.

She was looking for custom headshots for use in a few different places, both business and personal.  I love this kind of client.  She was so much fun!  We used the backyard of my local church and got a bunch of fun shots.  She was even brave enough to change her clothes in her car!  I love a good adventure, so I totally embraced this kind of shoot this morning!

Next up, coffee with a friend!  When I started working from home, my goal was to work at Starbucks or another local coffee shop at least once per week so I could be around people while writing.  Sadly, I have not fulfilled that goal, but coffee with my friend this morning showed me that it was time to revisit that goal and make it happen!  We saw a couple of people we knew and got to say hello, and I may have even found a realtor (more on that later).  So stay tuned….  And hold me accountable!  I NEED to get out of my home office and enjoy people once per week.  And I need a delicious beverage, too, right?


Next up, a quick check-in at home.  Tucker’s half-day was complete and he was home from school with 2 friends in tow.  I knew he would be waiting for me to say hello (and probably feed him).  Kids these days – always with the “I’m hungry”.  Insert eye roll here.  But I digress.  I popped in long enough to say hello and instruct them to eat a quick PBJ.  I had to run out to a meeting, but I happened to be passing a Little Caesars on the way home, so I promised I’d bring ’em a Hot-n-Ready on my return.

Off to the meeting, but first a quick stop at Arby’s for a bite of lunch.  Holy CATS!  As I typed that I realize that I have now referenced 4 fast-food establishments in just one day!  Craziness…  No wonder I struggle with my weight.  But you’ll find out more about that later, too.  So for now, just know that I’m grateful to live in a town and a country where food is readily available – so much so that I have some difficulty in eating too much of it!

Nice to meet you!  Here are 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I am in Leadership School through my church home, Engedi, in my town.  I am enjoying learning about myself and how God made me, and studying the bible in a newer and deeper way than ever before, and interning with the staff in the Communications department, so needless to say, this adds a bit to my life these days!

Today’s meeting was to begin the internship process.  Great info and great people, so an enjoyable meeting!  I do know that this is the first of many meetings, so I’m glad I enjoyed it!

Gotta Feed the Kiddos!

After the meeting, I grabbed the Hot-n-Ready and headed home.  The boys were ready for food (what 11-year-old boys aren’t always ready for food, right?).  And finally – I headed for my office to spend some time marketing my blog and getting ready for the evening.

This evening my husband, Dan, and Tucker, and I will be heading about 1/2 hour away for a funeral visitation for my Aunt.  She was too young at age 76.  I look forward to celebrating her life with the family I only see annually. I wish we would have had some more time with her.  I rest in the comfort of knowing that she is with her Savior, Jesus Christ, and was ready to go after a season of illness.  My heart breaks for her husband and two grown children and the grandchildren who will not get the time with her that they would have cherished.

That will do it for today.  It’s time to go freshen up for the evening ahead.  Thanks for tuning in and checking back tomorrow for another installment of A Day in the Life…

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Day 1 Day in the Life
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  1. Hey Veronica: Great blog, But I must confess I know nothing about blogs. But what I saw was impressive. You lead a very busy life, lots done in one day.

    • Thank you for reading, Arlene! I hope you’ll read the whole 30-day series. Lots of info in there about my life and blogging and parenting and blah, blah, blah! You know I can talk a blue streak. Did you know I can write that much, too? Thanks for reading and the comment! Miss seeing you!


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