A Day in the life of a Photography Blogger – Day 11

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 11

Today is another crazy day in my life…  It’s a regular Monday, so I needed to take 2 quizzes for my Old Testament class.  These quizzes are brutal!  I am not doing well on them.  I just don’t know that I can absorb 100 pages of theological information in a week.  But my cumulative grade is still around 88%, so I guess I’m doing something right.  

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Editing Galore

Once I completed my quizzes and the rest of my homework for Old Testament, I moved on to some photo editing.  I spent several hours today working on editing.  I finished up a beautiful wedding session from August, and got it all put together to deliver to the bride.  I’m happy to say she was happy with the end result.  Whew!  Stay tuned for the blog post highlighting her beautiful day…  coming soon!

Tired of Hearing About My Grandson Yet?

Today is Wayde’s “official” birthday, so I was excited to take his one-year photos in my studio.  But before he arrived, I threw dinner on…  (goulash – recipe coming when I figure out that darned recipe card situation).

Next up, prep the studio…  I spent about an hour getting the studio ready for our photoshoot.  Here’s a peek into that process.  Meet Diane.  She is a hairdresser’s practice head that was given to me by a friend of mine who was in cosmetology school.

Getting the studio ready for birthday photos

She is wonderful for setting up a scene.  She helps me know where to place lights and how the shadows will fall during a shoot.  Today Diane sat right on the floor where Wayde will sit, but normally I put her on a chair or on a stand.  She’s very helpful…  And she has a really nice haircut, doesn’t she!?  I love Diane!

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The Subject Arrives

Wayde and Whit arrived for the big moment.  Unfortunately, Wayde was NOT feeling like having his portraits taken.  He was definitely showing signs of Photographer’s grandson syndrome.  He gave me a run for it.  But – he’s still darling and we did our best.  Stay tuned for his final photos.  Those will likely make their way into a blog post soon, also!

After we got the little man cleaned up from his staged first birthday cake smash, we dunked him in the sink for a quick grandma bath.  He let me diaper him, jammie him, and read him a book, entitled “Dear Boy”.  I picked this book up at Target recently and I just love the message.  It is also available in a girl version, called “Dear Girl.”  Full disclosure here – I paid way too much at Target – I could have gotten it for about 1/3 the price on Amazon.  I put the links here for you so you don’t make the same mistake.  Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these books for the little one in your life.  Cuz’ seriously – the messages in this book make me happy!

Finally dinner time!

Dinner was already done, and the boys had already enjoyed theirs, but I was happy to finally get to eat around 7:30 pm.  I was plenty hungry, so it hit the spot!  And victory – I cooked and ate at home, even though it was chaotic to add another chore to the day!  Ooops – that reminds me – I threw a load of clothes in the laundry this afternoon and just now remembered they’re still in the washer.  Guess those will get another run through the washer tomorrow.  sigh.

Please do me a favor before I sign off for today.  A friend of mine, who I adore, had a rough day today and lost a very dear friend quite unexpectedly.  She is grieving mighty hard and could use prayers for peace surrounding the whole situation.  So please pray for “P” and “J”, and that she experiences healthy grief and knows how loved and cherished she is.

And now I’m off to bed.  I get to meet a friend for breakfast tomorrow!  Yay!

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