A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 12

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger - Day 12

http://www.bobevans.comI left you yesterday with the promise of breakfast with a friend.  This is a friend with whom I worked for over 10 years and formed not only a working relationship, but a friendship as well.  She also played a big part in Tucker’s life as he grew through elementary school.  We also have adult kids who grew up together, so it’s fun to catch up on one another’s lives and enjoy hearing about our big kids’ adventures.

We met at Bob Evans, where I had a healthy breakfast of egg whites, fresh fruit, turkey sausage, and 2 whole wheat silver dollar pancakes with sugar-free syrup.  Yum!  Sometimes healthy food is just delicious!

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Time for Some Errands.

After breakfast, I zoomed off to run a few errands that ended with some spare minutes to wander through the local JoAnn Fabric Store.  I don’t have as much time to craft as I’d like these days, but I do love to wander the craft store and be inspired by the many projects that call my name.  When I get to heaven, I’m going to have all the crafting time I can imagine.  It will be wonderful!

I used to spend a lot of time scrapbooking, but I just don’t have as much time to devote to it anymore.  I do still love my Cricut Explore, however.  It allows me to cut not just scrabooking embellishments, but also patterns for glass etching, vinyl for household crafts, and iron-on t-shirt designs.  A couple of years ago I made over 30 t-shirts for Dan, Tucker, and I when we went to Disney.  I loved it!  You may remember that I just made a tee for Wayde’s first birthday on Day 5.

A Special Kid!

Just as I was finished wandering the aisles of inspirational junk, my phone dinged a reminder that it was time to head out to visit a special friend.  I am a mentor with Kids Hope USA where I spend one hour per week with a fifth grade girl.  

Kids Hope Logo

We met last year, and will continue hanging out for lunch and fun once a week til she ends fifth grade this year.  Many of the students that participate in the Kids Hope program come from at-risk families, so it’s just amazingly affirming for them to have an adult who comes just to see them in the middle of their school day.  Today my friend and I worked on a new crafting project which involved sticking shiny little beads on a sticky surface.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of us working because it’s really hard to explain how this craft works.  Let’s just say when it’s all done, we will have a couple of cool clear stickers that are sparkly and 3-D to stick on something important.

But really, what she doesn’t know is that the crafting is just a clever cover for good conversation.  Kids tend to talk more when their hands are busy and their eyes have something to look at.  We talked about family stuff and that she’s missing a friend who changed schools, and that she’s learning something new in math.  Although it’s not always easy to take an hour out of my busy day, I love that I am representing consistency and friendship to this beautiful young girl.  I hope she always remembers the time we spent together.

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Lunchtime and Home

Sometimes my friend and I eat lunch together, but not today.  Today I left hungry, so I zoomed through McDonald’s and got a grilled chicken sandwich – no tomato, no sauce…  and of course a great big Diet Coke.  I just love a good Diet Coke!

I worked on figuring out that recipe situation that I’ve been promising you, but didn’t quite have success just yet.  Don’t worry – it’s coming!

Soon enough, Tucker was tromping through the door, glockenspiel in tow.  While he practiced, I gathered my homework and school supplies to get ready for school tonight.  Tucker was supposed to have soccer practice, but it was cancelled due to rain.  

Interestingly enough there is a concern about a mosquito-spread illness called EEE in our area of the country.  You can read all about it HERE.  I’ve borrowed this map showing the areas of the country that are affected so you can see.  But in short, due to this concern, our soccer practices have been re-adjusted to end before the mosquitoes are most active in the evening. 

But since his practice was cancelled, that gave me an extra 15 minutes to work on some editing for a client.  Yahoo!  15 minutes is a welcome addition to my day!

Leader in Training

Just as Dan was arriving home from work, I was heading out to school.  We shared a quick smooch and a hug in the door while I lugged my big ole bag full of school books and laptop out the door.  I enjoyed a quick roast beef sandwich at Arby’s with a classmate and then headed out to class.

And another day has successfully come and gone.  I’m tired and heading to bed.  More editing to be done tomorrow, which makes me happy!

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