A Day in the life of a Photography Blogger – Day 15

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger - Day 15

Hello and good evening!  Today was my day with Wayde.  I picked him up and we stopped in to Dan’s work to drop off some paperwork and have a quick visit with grandpa.  After grandpa showed him off to all the shop guys, we headed straight back home so I could spend some time editing photos.

I am still fighting my cold, so it was a good day to stay home enjoy my own living room and tv and laptop.

It was also a great day to watch my favorite little dude hang out and play with toys.  I got a new bucket of building blocks at Goodwill yesterday for $1, and it didn’t take long for Wayde to discover the bucket and taste all the blocks.  Good thing I ran them through the dishwasher first!

If you aren’t a regular resale shopper, you need to give it a try!  It’s amazing what deals I find.  The trick is to go regularly and be prepared to buy nothing or be prepared to haul away a whole pile.  Much of my success depends on how dropped items off recently.  These blocks go together with another set that Tucker has left from his toddlerhood.  I paid over $25 for his set.  I like this price better!

Wayde with toys

Once we settled in, I tuned in to the news that I had recorded early this morning.  My dear friend Sarah, who works at the Children’s Advocacy Center, was going to be interviewed on FOX News.  She was speaking as a follow-up to this story:

‘Trying to survive’: Mike Avery among Ohio State doctor’s victims

This is adult content, so maybe not safe for work or for playing with kids in the room.  I am so impressed with this man’s bravery in sharing his story.  Sarah spoke on how to talk with your kids about sexual assault.  I love that she mentions that it’s not our place in that conversation to decide what actually happened, but to listen and let the child be heard.

How to talk with your kids about sexual assault

I have mad respect for anyone who works in the field of child sexual trauma.  I cannot imagine, but I’m so, so thankful that there are people gifted with the ability to bear this burden.  Thank you, Sarah and co-workers.  You are all amazing!

We are halfway through our 30 days!  Start back at the beginning on Day 1 HERE

Next up... Editing

I shook off the effect of watching such heavy TV and fired up my laptop.  Today’s editing consisted of an event that I covered a week ago for Compassionate Heart Ministries.  Keep an eye out for the post highlighting their fashion show…  coming soon!

I do love event photography.  It suits me to simply wander among the guests and capture candid moments.  This particular event makes my heart happy.

Other Chores

In between editing photos, I gathered up some laundry and ran a couple of loads.  Of course, Scarlett No’Hara wasted no time climbing into the baskets of warm clothes for her post-laundry naps.  This does make it tricky to get the clothes folded, but the good news is she doesn’t leave any hair behind!

I also ordered up groceries from Instacart.  Instacart works with Target, Aldi, and various other stores.  I use it for Aldi.  I do prefer the Shipt delivery service, but I prefer the prices of Aldi groceries.  Frankly, most weeks I place an order with each and coordinate the delivery times in the same hour window.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I definitely love my grocery delivery!  Wow does it save time and money.  No impulse shopping when I buy online!

Scarlett in the laundry basket of warm clothes

Once groceries were here, I threw a roast into the oven and spent some time on the floor playing with Wayde.  Tucker arrived home from school, and we caught up on his day.  Next thing I knew, Whitney was here to get Wayde, Dan arrived home and the roast was finishing up and ready to eat.  Yum!  Nothing tastes as good on a chilly early fall day as a home-cooked roast!

After dinner I finished up my editing project and began prepping for the next one.  Yes – depending upon the session, it can take hours to edit and prep photos for delivery. m Only a portion of the work is done on site on the day of photography.  I spend time with every single photo I take making sure that the colors are just right and skin tones look good, etc.  You can see a better idea of what all goes into editing in my post entitled Surprisingly Simple Ways Pros Make Their Photos Pop!

Well – that about wraps it up for tonight!  Thank you for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow!  Another big day ahead!

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