A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 16 – Firepit

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger - Day 16 - Firepit

Today began with a great opportunity to serve my city and ended with dinner around the firepit!  Life is good here in Holland, Michigan!

This morning I participated in an annual event that my church runs, called City Serve.  People from the church gather together to work on various projects around the city.  Participants can sign up for specific locations, such as the Therapeutic Riding Center, or Women in Transition, or the local elementary school.  This is only a few of the many locations where work takes place.  The idea is to make a difference in our community by participating in service projects around our neighborhoods.  Projects are varied and include work locations made for adults or families, and some projects have work teams that are bilingual English/Spanish as well.

Today I served in the role of photographer.  I was assigned four locations, and captured candid moments of our teams hard at work.  I wish I had a couple of photos to share with you today, but I didn’t get to keep any.   You’ll have to come to church with me and see some of my work on the big screen!  This afternoon there is a team of people working on putting together video presentations that will be shown at tomorrow’s gatherings.

Projects wrapped up around noon and we all met back at the church for a yummy lunch of sandwiches catered in from a local sandwich shop Electric Hero.

The food was delicious and the comeraderie was fantastic, too.  We have been attending our church forover 2 years, but because it is growing so quickly it is hard to know who is new and who has been there.  This makes socializing a tiny bit tricky.  Fortunately I’m not afraid to make new friends, so any occasion like this one is an opportunity to meet new people!

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A project I love!

Mural image for leading lines

A couple of years ago, City Serve volunteers helped paint a mural in Holland that I have photographed.  It is in an area of town that has a lot of traffic and I had driven by it so many times without knowing the story behind the image.  If you follow my work, you’ve probably seen my photograph (shown here).  I love it as it depicts some of my favorite parts of the city.

Once we began attending Engedi, we heard about this project.  A bit of research and I found this video about the artist and the story behind the image.

I Discovered a Connection!

I absolutely love meeting and getting to know people who come from a different background and life than me!  Mr. Garcia definitely has a different background.  And imagine my surprise when I found out that he is one and the same artist who tattooed Lexi and I several years ago when she had her 18th birthday.  At that time he was working at a local tattoo shop called PinCushns.  He was super congenial and I love the connection between my tattoo and his work on this mural.

Butterfly Tattoo

This year, Chris volunteered to share his artistic gifts once more.  The youth of Engedi worked under his direction today to create another mural in town.  I wasn’t assigned that location for my photos, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I will be driving by it as soon as I get the opportunity.  I’m guessing I’ll want to photograph this new image, so keep an eye out for a peek when I get the chance to post it.

A Rainy Firepit

Dad and son by the firepit
The boy, the giant marshmallows, and dad. My heart is full!
firepit with colored flames
The amazing colored flames!

The last time we were at Menards we found these really cool little packets that you can put into your fire to get your flames to turn cool colors.  We finally got a chance to try them out tonight – and they didn’t disappoint.  We saw blues, purples, greens, and magenta, all throughout the fire!  It was gorgeous!

Reba also got in on the fun by sharing a marshmallow with Tucker.  She also eats most of my hotdog bun.  The more she eats, the less I do, right?

Just as we were finishing up dinner the rain started to roll in.  It is fall in Michigan, so there’s plenty of wet and chilly weather.  We were enjoying our time, but not enough to sit out there in the rain, so we put out the multi-colored fire and headed inside.

Now I am happily enjoying (insert eyeroll here) the lovely SciFi movie entitled “Ice Sharks.”  Seriously…  Who comes up with this stuff!?

Anywhoo….  see you tomorrow!

After all of the excitement of City Serve, we came home and puttered around the house.  I heard Dan busy working outside, but didn’t know what he was up to until I peeked out the bathroom window.  Turns out he was busy cleaning up the fenced in portion of our backyard so that we could move our firepit and enjoy some family time.

Our yard is on a corner lot and so our deck is on display for the entire neighborhood.  When we have a fire, we often have visitors who stop in for a hello.  I almost always love it when that happens, but once in a while I feel sad that we have no privacy whatsoever for these kinds of moments.  I had recently mentioned that to Dan and, being the great guy that he is, he took my words to heart and made us a more private oasis for an occasional fire.

We have a small fire table, so we can move it from the yard to the deck when we would like.  But for today it was lovely to sit out around the fire and enjoy dinner of hot dogs.  The little dog has freedom to wander while we’re out there, also.  When we’re on the deck she must be on leash at all times because there is much foot traffic in the neighborhood and I don’t trust her to stay close if someone catches her eye.  And she’s not always a fan of other dogs, so there’s that concern.  This was perfect!m

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