A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 17 – Church!

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger - Day 17

Good morning!  Or actually I should really say Good Evening.  Today was a GREAT day, which started with church at 11am, and ends with pizza for dinner.  Yum!

After our morning at church, we headed for dinner.  We were going to go into Grandville (about 20 minutes away) for Texas Roadhouse, but we made it just a couple of miles down the road when I noticed an openhouse for a new home for sale in our PERFECT location.  We did a quick u-turn (not really), and headed back into Holland.

This location is just a few minutes out of town from where we live, and the home had 10 acres with a fully stocked pond and a small pool.  The pictures on Zillow were hard to understand.  I always appreciate when a floor plan is included in the photos because it’s just tricky to imagine a layout with only some pictures from random angles.  We saw enough of the photos to decide it was worth a drive over to check it out.

Turns out the location was perfect, the acres were phenomenal, and there was even a chicken coop, which I loved, but the house was a little rough.  The floor plan was not ideal, and the house had been VERY lived in…  I was sad because it was just about perfect if we could have that house torn down and start from scratch.  Unfortunately, it was at the top of our price range, so that’s just not an option.  Sigh.  We are not ready to sell anyway – but if anyone finds my perfect house, let me know.  Open floor plan, at least 2 acres, not too far from Holland…

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Study time!

This afternoon I got to spend time with a friend.  We are in Leadership School together so we met up with laptops in hand so we could hammer out some homework.  The end of class is in sight, so I have to finish up a report on Joseph, and then prepare for my final exam.

But…  no rest for the weary. Once we complete Old Testament, New Testament is on the docket.  Fun stuff!  I’m learning so much, and although the pace is tiring, I am grateful to be learning so much.

Evening Arrives...

I got home just in time for Dan and Tucker to declare they are hungry and ready for pizza.  I love pizza.  Now that I’m trying to make healthier choices, pizza can be tricky.  However, our local favorite, Jet’s Pizza, now has a cauliflower Crust, so that helps me make a healthier choice.

So now as I type, my pizza has arrived and we are about to tune in to God Friended Me.  Kind of feels like the old days when I was a kid and we watched “The Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights while eating popcorn.  Although our Sunday nights include pizza instead of popcorn, I bet someday Tucker will remember this tradition with a smile.

See ya all tomorrow!


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