A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 19 – Trouble

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 19

I got my hairs cut today!  All of them!  I went for a wild and crazy faux hawk and it’s hot pink.  True story.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble with my blog host and am unable to upload a photo of the new ‘do.  Sorry bout that.  Once I get that fixed, I’ll be sure and share a photo.

Til then, I’m gonna concentrate on fixing the issue, which involves lots of troubleshooting, a few panicked messages to blogging friends to see if they know how to fix it, all hopefully ending in a solution yet this evening.

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In the meantime…

I stopped in for a visit with my daughter after my new do.  Then came home and worked on some more learning with my camera.  I began packing for my trip to St. Louis this weekend.  Did I mention that?  Yeah…  I’m going to St. Louis with some of my favorite photography friends.

And I stopped at Aldi to grab a few grocery items.  I made chili for Dan and Tucker, and that’s cooking away now.  The best kind of chili is long-simmered.

And now I’m gonna head out for dinner with a friend.  

Goodnight Early!

So now I will say an early goodnight and I’ll see you tomorrow!  Hopefully with photos.

GREAT info here – be sure and read this one even if you’re not a photographer!  Is it Cool to Take Photos on the Train Tracks?

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