A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 20 – Technical Difficulties

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Here we are on Day 20 and today you get to hear about what happens when a blogger has technical difficulties.

But first, this morning I spent a couple of hours taking headshots for Nextdoor Photos – Lakeshore.  I love working with them.  They call me for event photos and sometimes family photos.  Today they asked me to take headshots for a group of local real estate professionals.  It was so much fun.  I also got to mentor a young man in photographing people.  He typically shoots real estate photos, so this was a fun adventure for him.  It was fantastic (even though I wore the wrong shoes and my feet got wet from the super wet morning grass).

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Now the tale of how I spend a day dealing with technical difficulties in the world of blogging.

It all began yesterday when I noticed that I was not able to upload photos.  In addition, I could not do some of the routine maintenance that I normally do on a regular day.  

Near the end of the day, I just put it away for the evening and decided to deal with my troubles today.

Sadly, while I was not dealing with it, any monies I would have made from traffic to my site was also halted.  Argh!

Time to deal with the “technical difficulties”

After I completed my headshot gig this morning, I came home and fired up the computer.  Sure enough – the same technical difficulties were happening again today.  I did some research, which included a whole lot of googling for answers.  When that yielded no result, I headed for a live chat with my web host.  What is a Web Host, you ask?  Well, simply put, a Web Host is an organization that takes the pieces of your website (typing, pictures, etc) and makes them available on the worldwide web.  You can read more about it HERE.

A lesson in the basics

But let me back up just a bit…  Unless you have some experience in building a website, you might wonder what it takes to get a website from your imagination to the web.  Here is a super-simple explanation.

You need 3 things for a website:  a domain, a builder, and a host.  The domain is the name of your site.  In my case that’s veronicajunephotography.com.  I paid for the rights to use that title for my site and no one else is able to use it.

Next is the builder.  A builder can come in a couple of forms.  One is a human who knows how to do fancy coding, called a Web Developer.  If you aren’t a human who knows fancy coding, but instead, an average person like me, you can build a website with an electronic builder, the other form.  This is a program that takes your typing and photos and your imagination and help you put it all together in a pretty format.  I use WordPress for that.

Finally, once the design is all laid out and looking pretty, then you need a host.  The host takes your pretty-looking site and connects it to the web.  They save all of the components of your website in giant servers somewhere out there in the world.  I use a host called Siteground.

Remember – this is the very simplest explanation, but it gives you the general idea of what’s involved.

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Back to my day…

Where were we?  Oh, yes – dealing with technical difficulties…  I googled and found no answers to my problems (story of my life, right?), so I reached out to Siteground Support via chat.  Many of the experts there do not speak English as their first language, so I prefer chat to a phone call.  I sometimes have difficulty sorting through heavy accents, but the chat feature takes that all away.  The support at Siteground has been phenomenal and their experts are so helpful and friendly.

In total, I had a series of 3 chats with the experts in getting to the bottom of my technical difficulties.  I’ll spare you the details, but I will tell you that overall, fixing my troubles took about 3 hours, all the while with my site down and unable to receive traffic.  Bummer.

Technical Difficulties
Schmechnical Difficulties!

Once I got my troubles sorted out, I took about an hour to complete the routine maintenance that I had set out to complete yesterday.  What a relief!

Now I am getting this typed up and will soon deliver Tucker off to his Wednesday night youth group.  He loves this evening.  Dan and I typically make this our date night, but unfortunately, he’s not feeling well, so he’s enjoying some time on the couch.  Leftover chili for dinner!  Yum!

Signing out for today and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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