A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 26 – Mini Sessions

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Hello and welcome to Day 26!  Today I did some mini sessions this morning for a company that I contract with occasionally.  I love this kind of mini!  

The morning began with my regular cup of decaf coffee.  I made sure my camera batteries were charged up, and each camera had a fresh memory card in it.  Once my cameras were packed up, I grabbed my paperwork.  You see, I was heading to a local county park, Riley Trails, to take some family photographs.  Here in Michigan’s Ottawa County photographers need a special permit to take photos in the park.  It’s a 2-page document that outlines what a photographer can and cannot do.  If you’re interested, you can see what it’s all about below.

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Why So Many Rules?

Once you’ve read through the document, you might wonder why so many rules?  Especially for some mini family sessions?

Of course we all have opinions.  Mine is that so many people have used our local parks for family photos that the natural setting is losing it’s natural beauty.  I mean, if one person drags in a sofa and cuts down the brush around it to make it a nice clean setting, then it’s not a problem.  After all, we have lots of acres of wild area, right?  But when hundreds of people do it on one weekend, then imagine the destruction that can happen.  It has gotten to the point where photographers are dragging in light stands and sofas and all sorts of other props to make their photo look “cool”.  All that dragging and organizing and moving of things, clipping branches, etc. can lead to a lot of destruction when it’s a whole bunch of people, right?

I was curious if this was the real reason behind the permit rule, so I did some research.  A quick peek at the Ottawa Country Web page and I found some info explaining the permit rule in greater detail.

In the meantime, I dutifully filled out my paperwork and carried only my camera bag in.  My host carried in a few small props and placed them in nondescript areas that were already fairly clear so there was no destruction.  If we all pay attention to our public parks to make sure they stay natural and safe for everyone, then our parks will continue to be beautiful and open for everyone to share the space.  It seems our Native American ancestors really understood the sharing of the land better than we do today.

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And now the rest of my day…

All total, I took photos of about 40 families.  We had all ages and sizes of families, and I even captured multiple dogs in the family photos.  I had so much fun.  I just love this kind of mini session.  Once I completed a few hours of family photos, I zoomed home to grab Dan and Tucker so we could go check out some open houses.

Unfortunately, my morning took a little longer than I had expected.  The specific houses we wanted to look at were all finished with their open houses.  Not to be deterred, we loaded up and went to do a quick drive-by of the home I saw, er, snuck into, yesterday.  We were pretty sad to see the sold sign on the house already.  That was FAST!

Sold Sign on home - Day 26 - Mini

The good news is there were several other homes on the same little street, all boasting wooded lots and at least a couple of acres each.  There would be neighbors, but not right on top of each other, which is quite appealing to us as we’ve gotten older.  I keep feeling that the right house is out there…  we just haven’t found it yet.  So the search continues!

And now evening has arrived and I am going to watch some family tv with Dan and Tucker, then off to bed!  Thanks for checking in with me!

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