A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 27 – Lazy Sunday

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Today dawned bright and shiny!  I love Sundays.  I love lazy Sundays best.  Since I’ve been working for myself, I have not had as many lazy Sundays as before.  I am still learning how to manage my time appropriately and many Sundays I find myself editing photos that I took during the week.  There’s a lot involved in editing now that I shoot digital and it can take up lots of my time.  If you’d like a peek into what that entails, read Surprisingly Simple Ways Pros Make Their Photos Pop!

Let the Lazy Begin

After my “blue” week, I decided to take a day to relax, so after church this morning and our weekly dinner at Red Robin, we came home and started the relaxation process.  Well, I did anyway…  Dan is busy replacing a portion of the roof on our outbuilding, so no relaxing for him today.

As for me, I put on one of my favorite movies, Les Miserables. I turned on my electric throw blanket and set up my craft table.  I had just received a kit from Amazon to make a sparkly picture for Christmas.  I don’t need it, I’m not sure where I’m gonna hang it, but I wanted it.  Lately I’ve been tinkering with some Diamond Dotz mini projects with my Kids Hope kid and I’m finding it really fun.

I am enjoying it so much that I wanted to do something a little bigger than the little stickers I’ve been making.  I looked at the website for the official Diamond Dotz stuff, but you can’t buy their projects online from their site, so I went to my old standby, Amazon.  Sure enough – not only do they have them, but they have many, many more full-sized projects to choose from.  And many companies that make similar products.  Almost too many!  But anywhoo….  I selected this one and today was the day it arrived!

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Let the Crafting Begin

Once I got my table set up and my warm blanket on my lap, I plugged in my movie and spent the next 3 hours sticking tiny beads to a sticky canvas.  Very therapeutic.  What do you do when you need to have a day to relax?

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After the Movie…

Eventually, my hands got tired from the detail work, and my movie ended.  It’s a long movie, so 3 hours was quite enough time to relax in that fashion.

By this time, Tucker had a buddy pop in for a visit, and they wanted the tv, so I headed for my office.  So much for a “no-work” day!  But rather than work on photos, I opted to clean through a pile of jackets that I have accumulated over the last couple of years.  I listed six of them for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and as the evening has progressed, it looks like I’ve sold about 4 already.  If you haven’t checked out Facebook’s Marketplace, then you need to try it out.  It’s a good way to make a quick buck on some of your old junk, er, I mean, treasure.

Evening has arrived…

Now that evening has arrived, Dan will be coming in off the roof soon and he’ll likely be hungry.  I guess this means it’s time to scour the cupboards for some dinner food.  These people are always hungry, it seems.  It’s one of the hardest mom jobs there is…  feeding the family 3 times a day, every single day.  sigh.

Anyway – have a great night!  See ya tomorrow!

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