A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 28 – Beef Curry

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Day 28 and time for some Beef Curry!  I ate Beef Curry in Japan and it quickly became one of my favorite meals.  But more about that later.  First, let’s recap the morning.

Beef Curry Image for Day 28

I ran out to return a few items.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I gather a small pile of items that I’ve purchased that I just didn’t use or want once I got them home.  Today was return day.  Among today’s no longer loved treasures were a crafting light board that doesn’t adjust brightness, a paper cutter rated to cut up to 10 pages, but only cut about 2, and a backpack-style black bag that I had intended to use as a camera bag, but found it to be too small once I got it home.

Unfortunately it rained the entire time I was out and about, so I dodged the drops and still got plenty wet.  Oh, well.  Money back in the bank from Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx.  I will get wet for that!

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But first lunch…

I drove through McDonald’s on the way home to get a chicken sandwich.  I ordered an Artisan Chicken Sandwich with no tomato and no mayo, vinaigrette, or sauce of any kind, yet they still delivered me a sandwich with about 1/4 cup of mayo on it.  Blech!  Fortunately, I learned my lesson last time they did this, so I checked it and handed it back through the window with a cheerful smile and asked for another.  The window girl rolled her eyes at the order girl and got me a new one with her profuse apologies.  I hope she didn’t spit on it.

Then more dotting…

After I inhaled my chicken sandwich, sans sauce, I felt my craft project calling me.  I quick sneaked in an hour or so of craft time before deciding to cook up some curry!

Diamond dotz craft for Beef curry day
Doesn’t this look like fun!?

In the past when I’ve made beef curry, I use a store-bought roux for the curry flavor.  Unfortunately, Meijer doesn’t carry it anymore, so I scoured Pinterest for a recipe from scratch.  I found this one.  It promised an authentic Japanese-style curry, and the picture definitely looks like what I like to eat, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I’m happy to report that although it took much longer to make from scratch (the roux alone took 30 minutes), it was dee-licious, and I will be making it again!  It also earned a thumbs up from Dan, which is always a surprise to me.

His tastes are quite bland and he prefers non-spicey, not terribly flavorful dishes, so I’ve always been surprised that he likes curry.  This homemade version is a bit spicier than the boxed roux, which he noticed, but still gave it the go for another round.  Yay for Pinterest!

Beef Curry for Day 28
I use tiny potatoes and baby carrots in my recips so I don’t have to do as much cutting. Look at that tasty goodness!

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A Rainy Trek to the Lake

By the time I got my curry simmering, it was almost time for Tucker to arrive home from school.  I had just enough time to quickly get enrolled and paid for my next college course for Leadership School.  This course is now for the New Testament.  The Old Testament class is complete and I earned a very sad B-.  This is quite low for me, but I have to say I sure did learn a lot and I am glad I took the class.  Since I am not pursuing a bible-based degree, I’m happy to have passed and gained greater knowledge.

I’m about to get swamped again with the homework that comes with the next class, but hopefully I will find the New Testament class just as enlightening and interesting as I did the Old Testament.

Once Tucker arrived home from school, we loaded up and took a trek out to the lakeshore to see if we could find some crazy wild waves.  Since the weather had been stormy, rainy, and crazy windy today, I was hoping to get some shots of a wall of water blasting against the pier and maybe even Big Red.

Unfortunately, we did not have any such luck.  The water was almost flat and there was nothing interesting to photograph.  Oh, well.  Tucker and I had a nice talk in the car about earning trust, losing trust, and re-gaining it.  We have someone in our life that we care for deeply who does not show up when he promises.  That is very hurtful for both Tucker and I, so this was a good opportunity to talk about how it doesn’t change how we love him, but it does change how we trust him.  I hope that Tucker learns this lesson and understands the power one person can have in a relationship.

Bad Rice and a PSA

Once we returned home from our trek to the lake it was time to put the rice on.  Curry is best served over some plain white sticky rice.  The rice bin only had about a cup of dry rice left, which is a bit slim, but I decided it would have to do, so I cooked it up anyway.

The bad news is that my semi-new microwave is just different enough from my old one that I ruined the rice.  Sigh.  I love my microwave rice cooker.  But my cooker doesn’t like my new microwave.  So you guessed it, I overcooked it.  Overcooked rice in that cooker looks quite like a hard, white frisbee.  

Back out the door I went – to my nearby Aldi for a new bag of rice.  Here is the portion of today’s post where I educate my readers on a very simple, yet wonderful Aldi-culture courtesy that more people need to remember:

When a person steps into line behind you with 1 item, and you have 3,962 items, it is in very good form for you to offer said person with 1 item to go ahead of you.

Now, I know the line moves quickly because the cashiers are lightening fast in their process, but still….  1 item vs. 3,962.  Really!?  It’s just courteous, that’s all.  Thanks for listening.

Either way, I got the rice, arrived home, fed the family, and am now watching Dan watch the Patriots and the Jets with a bald cat on my lap.  Life is good.  See ya tomorrow!

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Day 28 of ADITL beef Curry
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