A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 3

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 3

Hello on Day 3!

Today is Sunday and a day when I try to spend some time with my family, so this post will be short and sweet.

If you would like to catch up, click HERE for Day 2.

We started the day with church at 11.  We attend Engedi in Holland, MI.  We love our church family and are learning and growing in our love for Christ every day.

We had a surprise this morning when my son and daughter-in-law let us know they’d be joining us today with my darling, adorable grandson, who is almost 1!  Nothing makes my heart happier than a bonus visit with my kids and that little guy.

After church we went out for lunch.  You can see by now that we love to eat out!  So Logan’s it was.  What a disappointing experience today was.  My favorite thing about Logan’s is the sweet potato.  They were out.  What!?  So Tucker normally orders one, too.  Instead he chose a salad with extra croutons.  Guess what?  They were out of croutons! What!?  Ridiculous.  Fortunately, they had other food, so we didn’t starve.

Here’s one of my adventurous adventures in photography.  Check it out!

The Sunday Drive

After dinner, we took an old-fashioned Sunday drive…  you know, the kind that’s meant to terrorize the children?  That’s the one.  We headed North with my phone queued to Zillow so we could scout some potential houses.  We drove by a bunch and even found one open house to wander through.  It was definitely not the house for us at close to twice our budget, but it sure was beautiful!

After torturing the boy through a few more, we came home and did a speed clean of the house.  Right now I’m putting in so many hours working on my blog and photographing clients that my house has been a bit neglected.  My awesome hubby and kiddo put up no complaint but jumped in for about an hour to tidy up the house.  I am so grateful for them.

Now I’m typing up today’s update for y’all and getting ready to start my next photography post.  Stay tuned…  And thanks for reading!

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