A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 4

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger - Day 4

Dawn broke with big plans for today!  First up, two quizzes for my Old Testament class.

After I got Tucker off to school, I brewed up a cup of decaf and did a quick review of my 100 pages of textbook that I’d be quizzing for.

This is hard stuff…  Here’s a sample question from my quiz:

Which of the following is not an indictment recognizable in the prophets:  1) Unfaithfulness to God, 2) Oppression of defenseless, 3) Not enough emphasis on ritual, or 4) Confused Priorities

Image of Coffee and quiz materials for day 4

Pretty heavy questions for 7:15am.  But I get to sip my coffee and enjoy my quiet home while studying, so it’s a win.  I got 15/16 on my first quiz and 16/18 on the second, so I must be learning something!  (We won’t talk about that 62% from last week).

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Next up... Time with People I Love!

I just finished up my studies for the morning, so now I’ll be getting myself ready for the rest of the day, which includes a trip to check out some manufactured homes with my Daughter-in-law and grandson, and lunch with two friends who I adore.  I’ll check back in after!

I'm back!

Wow!  What a crazy fun and busy morning!  Let me start by saying I’m IN LOVE with these modular homes.  I erroneously referred to them in the last paragraph as “manufactured” homes.  I stand corrected.  The homes are definitely modular.  

Modular Housing Brochures

Honestly, I can only remember 2 things that are different.  One is that modular homes must go on a crawl space or a basement, unlike manufactured homes, that can go on a pad.  The other is that modular homes have full lumber structure, and manufactured homes have metal structures underneath.  Not sure why I care about that, but I’m very sure that if we end up going with a modular, I’ll know EXACTLY why that’s important.  Anywhoo…  we looked around the three model homes and I found one I want.  I can move in tomorrow!  Just kiddin’ – hubby’s not on board yet.

And I'm Eating Out Again...

Next up, lunch.  But first, a quick stop in to my local Cato to pick up a new blouse that I had brought in from another shop.  It’s animal print and pink!  And on clearance!  WIN, WIN, WIN!!!  I mean – seriously – if I could wear pink animal print on the cheap every day, then every day would be my best day!   I loved my new top so much that I just wore it right out of the store to meet my friends.  A girl’s gotta look her best!

Me and my girlfriends at lunch!
Julie, Me, and Dawn. Selfies are ridiculously hard. My arm is just not long enough. And my iPhone 6 has an inferior camera. But still... that pink leopard print top is to die for, yes?

Now lunch.  We met at HopCat.  I have been there (no surprise, right?), but it was a first for both of my friends.  We had a wonderful time catching up.  We try really hard to make time once per month to meet and visit.  I miss seeing these wonderful women regularly at work, so it’s very important to me that we work to keep these relationships alive!  I left my job a few months ago, but I did not leave my friends.  I truly believe every woman needs other strong and beautiful women to do life with.  We three are in similar life stages with new grand babies and growing families, so it’s lots of fun to share stories and joys and frustrations.  Love ya, girls!  Hope you’re reading!

Evening is almost here...

So now I’m jotting off a few lines for you all and then my oldest son, Hayden, his wife, Whitney, and their little dude, Wayde, will be coming over for a visit.  We try to see them on Monday evenings, (even when I get a bonus visit on Monday morning to house-shop).  We certainly don’t hit every week, but it’s kind of a standing time for us to meet up.  I love that I get to see my grown kids so much.  I can’t imagine life without them! 

We may or may not eat out.  We will definitely be working on some crafty stuff for Wayde’s first birthday.  I love crafty stuff, so all-in-all, it’s going to be a great evening!  I will sign off for now and see y’all tomorrow!  If you haven’t yet, I’d love it if you would take about 3 minutes to fill out the survey below.  Just click the red words and it will take you right to it!

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  1. I am really enjoying reading your blog! Keep up the great work. I meant to tell you how nice you looked today but we had too much to catch up on😊.

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