A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 6

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 6

Almost one week already!  Thanks for sticking with me.  

Today is the first day I’ve had a full day in my office.  Seems like a good time to give you an idea of how this whole blogging thing works.

So… How do you make money?

This is probably the most common question I get.  I mean – we would all like to find a fun and easy way to make extra money, right?  Blogging sounds great if you like to write.

So here’s the answer.  In a nutshell, I make money by advertising on my blog sight.  I use a third-party company that is connected to a variety of advertisers.  I tell that company where in my post I want to place ads and give them a basic guideline of the types of ads I would like.  For example, I don’t care to advertise for other photographers’ services, and I don’t want R-rated ads so those are out.  They then match up accepted ad types to the spaces in my blog.

Every time you read my blog and those ads are in front of you in your eyesight, I make money.  Now mind you, it’s not a lot.  We’re talking pennies here.  So there’s two things that up the ante:

The first is when my readers click on the ads.  That makes big bucks for me (just kidding…  it’s not that big).  In reality, each click has a different value based on the ad, but it definitely makes me a few cents more when readers click.

The second important thing is getting a lot of readers.  The more readers I have, the more eyes are on my ads, and the more likelihood that someone will click on an ad.

You can go back and start from day 1 HERE

But Beware!

At this point, it would be easy for me to ask everyone I know to click on all my ads.  In fact, you could start a blog and we could spend every day just clicking on each others’ ads and roll in the extra dollars, right?  Not so fast…

Remember the old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”  You see, the companies that work to place ads don’t want random clicking.  They want genuine interest in the products and services they sell.  Because of this, they have a complicated computerized algorithm that reads the amount of traffic on my site and recognizes strange behavior, like too many clicks too close together, or the same IP address running through every post clicking on every ad.

If they detect this is happening, I can be penalized, and they can eliminate all of my ads for a period of time or forever.  Now don’t be frightened.  These companies don’t have time to care who you are and what you’re clicking on, other than to make sure I’m not rolling in the dough from false clicks.  

I know…

Now you’re scared to click.

Don’t panic!  It’s important to remember here that if you are genuinely interested in something in one of my ads, then absolutely you should click on that ad and surf around with all your might.  In fact, if your browser is doing it’s job correctly, then you will probably be seeing ads that are tailored to you and your interests.

It’s a little big big-brotherly, but if you haven’t noticed before, you surely will now.  You will start seeing that whatever you look at online will start popping up in your ads in social media and on other sites.  I like to think of it as the newest and best marketing since we can now fast-forward through commercials on our televisions.  They gotta get your dollars somehow, right?  And now they are paying me and all the other bloggers out there to advertise for them.  It’s a great symbiotic relationship.  I get money from the ads and the companies get their ads in front of readers.  And it doesn’t cost the readers anything!

A View from my desk
I have a cool cup holder on my lap desk so I can keep a drink handy. I love it.

Here’s the laptop tray I use when I’m working in the family room with my family.  🙂  The feet on the bottom sit under the legs of my chair to hold it down and the top swivels.  I love it!

Here is the handy cup holder that screws into the bottom of the bamboo surface of the tray.  Now I never worry about spilling my beverage on my laptop or my papers.

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So how can you help?

First, remember that clicking is great if you’re really interested.  But beyond that, the best way you can help me in my blogging adventure is to share my posts.  Share them on Facebook, Share them on Instagram, share them on Pinterest, share them anywhere and everywhere.  Every post has a little box on the left where you can share.  Just click on the little symbol.  Here is what they look like.  Go ahead, give it a try.  I’ll wait.





In addition, I always put a PIN image at the bottom of the post for you to share on Pinterest.

The next thing you can do is read and continue to enjoy.  I’m always open to feedback, so if you see an offensive ad or a typo, or any other horrible something that needs to be fixed, let me know!   Comments on the posts are always welcome.  In fact, when you put a comment on my post, the cyberworld sees activity on my post and helps increase exposure for me.

Have questions?  Ask below in the comments!  I love to share info about what I do!

Today’s wins!

And now before I sign off for today, I shall give you a quick update on my wins for the day…

1 – I have eaten every bite from my own fridge today.  No restaurant activity whatsoever.  Yay me!

2 – I got groceries ordered for the week, so I am now ready to cook if I need to.  Boo.

3 – My kiddo will be practicing his glockenspiel for 1/2 hour, starting very soon, so I will likely relocate from my living room space (shown above) to my office space.  Believe it or not, the glockenspiel is not my favorite sound ever.  At least not when played by a beginner 6th grader.

4 – Tonight I will have date night with my husband while Tucker goes to Engedi City Group (fancy name for youth group).

5 – I will spend the rest of the afternoon editing from a couple of recent sessions and I’ll follow up with a potential client.  So hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go….  See ya tomorrow!

I would love to know how I can improve this blog for my readers.  Please take a moment to fill out THIS ANONYMOUS SURVEY.  Thank you for your help!  

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