A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 9

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 9

Today included my first morning wake-up with my grandson’s first sleepover, then off to work, then a party, then a funeral home visit, then dinner, then home.

But first…  A couple of people expressed an interest in the answer to yesterday’s homework questions.  So here you go!  If you really don’t want to read it, scroll down to where it says “SKIP THE QUESTIONS!”

How is wisdom related to order? How does this relate to all areas of life?

Wisdom is related to order in that it creates order.  The textbook explains the thought-process of old testament citizens on pages 325-326.  Although we are not living in precisely the same way that Old Testament citizens were, we are still humans. Therefore, we require equal amounts of wisdom to navigate our daily world.

The wisdom literature covers all of the issues that arch over a human’s daily life.  See the diagram on page 344 to see each of the topics covered by the wisdom books.  Through the books of Psalms, Proverbs, Sons, Ecclesiastes, and Job God tells us how to handle:  relationships with Him, society, family, love and sex, the meaning of our lives, and moral structures.  These books contain the wisdom of God written down for our reference.  Without God’s wisdom, then how can we live our daily lives in the way we are called to live by God, for God?

For example, if we do not practice sexual wisdom, then our lives will fall out of order and into chaos (the thesaurus lists “chaos” as an antonym for “order”).  The textbook addresses the power of sex in chapter 5.  It reinforced my comments from the question in Week 5 about what warnings the Prophets would have had for us in today’s culture.  Sexual sin is a massive problem in today’s society.  When we use sex in a way that is not following God’s plan for us, then we create chaos.

An example would be of a husband or wife who chooses to walk away from a family because he (or she) “deserves” a better sexual relationship and finds that in another person.  This decision has the power to affect an entire community of people, not merely the people who suffer first-hand from this choice.  The spouses, the children, the families and friends of each spouse who have built relationships, co-workers, neighbors, etc., are all in a position to take sides and make decisions, gossip, be angry, and feel hurt and broken.  That is only a small list of the consequences that result from a lack of wisdom in this decision.  What was once a nuclear family (a team of people working and playing together for the good of all included) now becomes chaos.

Just as Christians in ancient society did, Christians today must also embrace Godly wisdom and share it with others.  We must lift up people in difficult circumstances and be helpmates to them so that they can practice wisdom also.  We are called to be an example of living righteously (or living “right”) to maintain order in our world.  Order in society is maintained when we do the work to live with wisdom.


Is God fair? How should we go about assessing this question?

When I saw this week’s question, “Is God fair?” I thought of when one of my children says, “It’s not fair!”  My response is usually, “I know.  It hurts when life is unfair, doesn’t it?”  If the situation calls for it, we talk about the reasons why something is happening that we just can’t understand right now.  I wonder how many times I cry “It’s not fair!” to God when things aren’t going my way.  I must remember that our God is a fair god.  He allows unfair things to happen to further His plan for my life.

A few years ago, my father-in-law had a mighty medical catastrophe and was unexpectedly near death for nearly 6 weeks.  My husband is a quiet man, not quick to share his feelings, but he was feeling the fear of loss very deeply.  Rather than talk about those feelings in-depth, we would hold hands while listening to the song Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns over and over again.  The lyrics from this song always brought tears for us:

“I was sure by now
God You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away, stepped in and saved the day
But once again, I say, Amen and it’s still raining

As the thunder rolls
I barely hear Your whisper through the rain, ‘I’m with you’
And as Your mercy falls I raise my hands
And praise the God who gives and takes away

And I’ll praise You in this storm and I will lift my hands
For You are who You are no matter where I am
And every tear I’ve cried You hold in Your hand
You never left my side and though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm”

Lyrics from www.MetroLyrics.com

Even when we don’t understand the unfairness of life, we need to praise God in the storm.  The textbook reminds us on page 391 that we need to look to the purpose of the suffering that happens in life instead of focusing on the cause of what seems unfair, the “why.”  The textbook goes on to remind us of Joseph’s story in Genesis.  Surely Joseph must have had moments of self-pity and times when he cried, “It’s not fair!” to God.  Yet God had a plan for him, and although it took many unfair circumstances to get there, all of the unfairness turned into a fantastic reward.  God is faithful and allows unfairness to happen for a reason.  Even when we can’t understand, there is a reason and a lesson in these situations.

My father-in-law has now fully recovered from his medical emergency.  Now that we are out of the tragedy of the moment, as a family, we have reflected on the many beautiful things that may have happened as a result of this series of events.  We wonder how God may be working in the lives of the hundreds of doctors and hospital staff members who worked with dad.  They had front row seats to watch how a family of faith handled great crisis.  How many lives were touched by the hand of God through the situation?  There were countless people praying for dad and all of us throughout those months.  How many people were brought back to God’s side when we didn’t even know or understand what was happening?

Was it fair that dad and all of us had to deal with this?  Nope.  Do we rest in the assurance that God worked through it?  Yup.  Is it always that easy?  Rarely.  But in the end, I know that “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”  Romans 8:28, NLT.

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I understand…

Thanks for reading my thoughts…  But if you didn’t, I totally understand.  Lots of information there.  But I’m glad you stuck with me through it.

But back to my day!  Wayde spent his first overnight with us last night.  He did so well – he slept through the entire night and needed to be awakened at 8 am.  Not gonna lie – I sent Dan in to check on him, cuz’ I was a little creeped out that he slept so well and so thoroughly.  But of course, he did.  He’s amazing!

We were up and at ’em and out the door by 8:30 to deliver him back to mom and dad, then I was off to do some event photography.  I was honored to be invited to photograph a Fashion Show for my friends at Compassionate Heart Ministries in Zeeland.  You’ve gotta check out their website, which says, “Our mission is to build inclusive relationships in Christ for families and individuals with mild to moderate disabilities.”  They are amazing!  They are currently raising funds to purchase a handicap-accessible bus for their participants.  That’s what today’s fashion show was all about.  As usual, it was a high-quality event filled with loving people from all walks of life and all levels of abilities.  I just love this place!

And check out these beautiful models wearing fantastic fashions provided by local businesses.

Compassionate Heart Fashion Show 1
Compassionate Heart Fashion Show 2

Wonder what goes into editing a photo?  Here are the Surprisingly Simple Ways Pros Make Their Photos Pop!

Off to the B-day Party

I zoomed out of the fashion show just in time to get to Wayde’s party.  Yup.  He’s 1 already and the year has flown by!  We enjoyed a beautiful lunch and had an absolute blast watching him open presents and destroy his cake!

I even got an action shot when that cake was flying!  It’s great to be the birthday boy!

Wayde destroying his cake for first birthday
Wayde's Toybox from Grandpa
My favorite part of this pic is the proud grandpa in the background

I’m super proud of Dan, who hand-crafted this amazing toybox for Wayde with his name cut out of the front.  We envision the box someday going off to college with him and maybe someday ending in his garage filled with man-stuff.  It’s a privilege to be a part of his life.  Nuff said, right?

And then another funeral visit…

We came home after the party and had a little bit of downtime before heading back out the door to a funeral visitation for Dan’s Aunt Arlene.  At 86 years old, she was very ready to go home.  We rest in the comfort of knowing that she is with her husband, Bob, rejoicing in her eternity.  Whenever we lose a loved one, I think of the song I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me.  It makes me cry.  And just so ya know – Dan is under strict orders to play this song at my funeral someday.

Finally, we left the funeral home and…  You guessed it, went out to eat!  I talked Dan into trying something new.  He’s not an adventurous eater, so he likes to stick with his tried and true faves.  But he was brave today and we were rewarded with a delicious dinner of fajitas at On the Border.

Now I’m doing some photo editing for a client and then off to bed.  See ya tomorrow!

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