A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – November Update

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you on my daily life, so with the fall weather and even some snow, I’m back with a November update!

See this guy?  He has Influenza B.  Yuck!  The flu bug is not fun!  At all!

a boy with a face mask on

Tucker has been sick all week.  He was feeling ill at school on Monday, but a quick trip to the nurse showed that he did not have a fever.  By the time  he got home, he sure did!  By Tuesday morning he had been up a couple of times with fever and body aches.

The fever has continued throughout the week and peaked this morning at 103.4.  Time to see the doc!  We love our Pediatrican at Holland Peds.  It’s especially nice that it’s just a few minutes away, so after a quick call to the nurse we took a trip over there.  A swab to the nose and voila!  Influenza B diagnosis.  Yuck!

PSA - Get Your Flu Shot!

Consider this your Public Service Announcement to get your flu shot!  It’s definitely not fun to have the flu – just ask Tucker.  There’s not much we can do from this point forward except to just wait it out.  

A Little Health Update!

You may remember that I’ve been focusing on my health since this summer.  I have been trying to be more active and make healthier eating choices.  I am proud to say I’ve lost just over 35 pounds since July!  I feel so much better.  My knees hurt less and I’m even sleeping better.  It’s not easy, but I sure am feeling good about myself!

Yesterday I had a super proud moment in which I pulled a pair of dress slacks out of my closet.  I put them on and they about fell right off!  It was a great moment, especially since when I look in the mirror, I don’t see any difference in how I look.  Those baggy pants confirmed that something is definitely happening!  And now I have a reason to go shopping, right?

Learn to photograph a curvy woman with 5 Insanely Simple Ways to Make Your Subject Look Thinner

Job Update!

Since I last updated you, I have picked up a side job taking Real Estate Photos.  I’m super excited to start in earnest.  Next week I’ll be shadowing a couple of jobs to get the hang of the routine and I hope to be on my own soon after that.  I will be taking photos of homes that are for sale along the lakeshore towns in West Michigan.  Soon you will be able to see my profile on their website HERE.

I really love what this company does.  They have one of the most inspiring business models I’ve seen.  I will be writing about the business soon so you can learn about what a great company this is.  In the meantime, just enjoy knowing that they work with people who have been removed from human trafficking situations.  I am proud to be affiliated with them.  Stay tuned..

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Dinner and a Teaser...

We’re getting ready for dinner here.  On tonight’s menu?  Homemade split pea soup.  It is a classic favorite of mine.  Dan doesn’t prefer it, but then I don’t always prefer his favorite meals and he still gets them, so we’ve agreed that he can suffer through split pea soup night if I can suffer through pheasant and rice night.

It’s been a stressful week or two around here – many of you know we’ve been house shopping, so be ready for an announcement soon!  That’s all I’ve got for today, so thanks for reading!

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