A Day (off) in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 7

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A Day (off) in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 7

Technically I try to take a couple of days a week to relax and get away from my computer.  Also known as a day off.  And now that I’ve committed to these daily recaps, it’s going to be a little tricky.  But I will commit to using some days to simply post my daily update.  And that will start today.

It seems fitting to start today’s recap by wrapping up yesterday’s.  As I left you yesterday I was making some advertising postcards for an event I’ll be photographing on Saturday.  More about that later, but for now we’ll talk about just one of the many roles I fill as my own boss.

Yesterday I was a graphic designer, printer, and cutter.  I designed the postcard to go into a goody bag at Saturday’s event.  That took around 90 minutes.  Then I rushed it off to my local FedEx/Kinkos to get it printed.  Next stop, Hobby Lobby for a cutter, which, by the way, will be going back, cuz’ it was cheap and didn’t work that well.  Just well enough to get the job done, but not well enough to do another job.


Let’s Talk About Today!

Today is my favorite day of the week because I get to hang out with my favorite little person EVER…  My grandson, Wayde.  But first…  I have a quick meeting at WW (formerly Weight Watchers – re-branded to WW).  Today I lost .4 pounds, which was fairly disappointing, but hey – at least it’s a loss and not a gain.  I’m down 27 pounds as of today, but I have over 70 to go, so I’m nowhere near done with this little challenge.  But hey – I’m gonna be doing it forever, so it’s all about learning how to make overall healthier choices and remembering why it’s important to be healthy.  And my #1 inspiration for good health is my li’l Wayde.  I want to be around for him and I want to be the fun grandma that I was born to be.  It will be a lot easier to be a lot of fun if I can move more freely without getting winded.  So go me!

Did you miss yesterday?  It was a great lesson in how I make money blogging.  Be sure and catch up HERE

But first…

Before I get to Wayde, though, I have to make a pit stop at my counselor’s office for my weekly brain adjustment.  All I need to say about this is that my life has completely changed in the 4 years I’ve been seeing her.  I go once per week.  It’s amazing for my self-confidence, and talking to a third-party who is completely unbiased helps me really process so many things.  If you have ever been on the fence about seeing a counselor, just do it.  Seriously.  Life-altering.

And now the real fun begins!

After counseling, I went through McDonald’s for my Thursday morning treat, an Egg McMuffin and a Diet Coke.    Next stop, Wayde.  Once I had him all buckled into the car, I hopped on over to my parents’ house to snag my mom for a little shopping and lunch.

Wayde & GG
Great-Grandma and Wayde. Photo Credit: Heather Vane
Wayde with GG and GP
Great -Grandma & Great-Grandpa with Wayde. That’s me holding him. Photo Credit: Heather Vane

I popped into my parents’ community coffee for a quick visit.  Glamma (Great Grandma) happily fed Wayde a cookie.  I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, Glamma or Wayde.  He was so cute pointing with his chubby little finger at that cookie for another bite.  Love that kiddo.

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Yup. More eating out.

So GG and I did a bit of shopping then treated ourselves to lunch at Fazzoli’s.  What a fun day!  We don’t do this often enough, and soon my parents will be off to Texas for the winter, so we really should be spending more time together while they are here.

Wayde Glockenspiel

After we dropped GG off, we made our way home just in time for Tucker to begin practice time with his glockenspiel.

Guess who got his first try at making music?  He loved it and is clearly a brilliant musician in training.  Although he might need to lighten his touch a little when he gets his first real gig.  He was pretty enthusiastic in his approach, as you can see by his moving arm.  Unfortunately, he moves too quickly for me to grab the big camera at times, so you’ll have to enjoy my cell phone shot.

And here’s a true surprise…

Can you believe the plan tonight included eating…  AT HOME!?

I made one of our favorites and threw a roast in the oven with a bunch of tiny potatoes and carrots.  We finally enjoyed it around 8 pm after Dan mowed the lawn.  Only a few more times and there will be no lawn to mow with winter approaching, so I tried to enjoy the sound of the mower through the open windows.

And now we have finished dinner while watching our first episode of this season’s The Masked Singer, and are now watching the Big Brother finale…  shhhh…  don’t tell me who wins.  

See ya tomorrow!

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