A Friday in the life of a Photography Blogger – Day 8

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A Day in the Life of a Photography Blogger – Day 8

Scarlett in the morning

Friday!  It’s a great day to be a Friday, isn’t it!?

It is awfully hard to drag myself out of bed when my bald and warm kitty is snuggling on my arm.  Fortunately, I keep my phone handy so I could snag this photo of her first thing when I woke up.  I wish you could feel her fuzzy little self.  She’s warm and cuddly, and oh, that purr…  Everyone should have a bald cat.  Seriously, she’s the best!

Nevertheless, I did have to get up and disturb her morning slumber.  Forgive me, Scarlett!

First on today’s agenda was to do some studying for my Old Testament class.  I had to answer two questions in essay format.  This is a weekly assignment.  We get new questions each week, both pertaining to the 100 or so pages we’re assigned to read from the textbook, Old Testament Today.

Here are the two questions I had to answer:

1 – How is wisdom related to order? How does this relate to all areas of life?

2 – Is God fair?  How should we go about assessing this question?

Here’s the textbook that I’m studying! 

Let me know in the comments below if you want to hear my answers.  I don’t want to bore you with my deep theological musings, but I’m happy to share if you’re interested!

Be sure and catch up on day 7 HERE

Meeting Time!

I got only one question answered by the time I had to head out for an internship meeting at noon.  In my internship, I will be assisting with social media marketing for the Leadership School.  Right now I am learning all about the branding for Engedi Church.  It is terribly fascinating how detailed the guidelines are for social media posts.  It’s all about consistency and sending out the correct vibe so that people get a feel for who and what Engedi is all about.

We talked about details from how to type the date of events down to the kinds of words we’ll use and not use.  Great information and it makes me think about my Veronicajunephotography brand.  I love that what I’m learning applies to my business.

If you’d like to check out Engedi’s Social media sites for the Chicago Drive campus (where we attend), you can see Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.  Stay tuned for links to the channels I’ll be working on.

Lunch with Lexi

My daughter had texted right before my meeting asking about a lunch date.  I love to have lunch out (but if you’re keeping up, you should know that by now!) and I especially love to have a date with my daughter.  She is going to be starting a new job soon and we will probably have fewer opportunities for weekday lunches, so I’m glad to enjoy them now while we still can.

We went to our favorite local steakhouse, Crazy Horse.  Here’s a tip I learned a long time ago.  You have to enter the correct website if you want to see their info.  Don’t forget the “steakhouse” at the end of Crazy Horse or you’ll get an eyeful of something you might not want to see.  You’re welcome for that little tip. 

Here’s another tiny public service announcement.  When someone says “thank you,” it is always lovely to say “you’re welcome.”  We noticed pretty early into our lunch that our waitress didn’t have time or inclination to do so.  It was a little off-putting.  Although I must say, her service was efficient and the food was great, as always.  It just seemed a bit unfriendly to ignore our politeness.  Again, you’re welcome.

Studying Again

After lunch I headed back home to hit the books a bit more.  I had a whole second question to answer after all.  Soon enough Tucker was home from school, and was kind enough to allow me some quiet time to finish up my homework.

Enjoy this interview I did with a friend of mine – Meet Alina Giorgiev, Newborn Photographer

Wayde arrives!

Just as I was wrapping up homework, my darling grandson arrived.  We spend some time getting dinner ready (yes, that’s two nights in a row we ate at home).  On the menu:  salmon mignons from the seafood counter at Meijer, which I had delivered by Shipt earlier today while studying.  If you haven’t treated yourself to a grocery delivery service, then you must!  My days are so busy that it just helps me to have one big chore checked off the list.  

Salmon Mignons
Not my photo. Taken from the Meijer website, but this is what the salmon mignons look like. They are amazingly delicious and zero points for my WW plan. Yum!

If you would like to try Shipt grocery delivery service, and you do it with this link, then you can get $50 off an annual membership, making it only $49.  Trust me, it’s worth it!  Here’s the link:  http://share.shipt.com/qmbFG

Wayde and Grandma selfie
Sweet Wayde is almost 1 and he has learned how to point at anything that is interesting. I love him so!

While I was fixing dinner, I also whipped up a salad for Wayde’s birthday party tomorrow.  I love that my kids asked me to bring something to contribute to his party.  This recipe is one that my family has made for years, and we usually have it at the holidays, but my son Hayden really enjoys it, so Whitney asked me if I’d make it special for the day.  Of course!

I’m learning how to add a recipe card to my blog posts, so tomorrow I’ll post the recipe so you can print it if you want.  It’s getting late and I don’t have time to figure out how to do it yet tonight, but I’m excited to learn.

UPDATE – Recipe is added at the bottom below the PIN image! Enjoy!

Evening is upon us…

After dinner, we loaded up and tromped off to Menards for a last-minute need for Wayde’s birthday gift.  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.  For now, just know that I’m super excited for Wayde to get this gift.  

Tucker, Wayde, and I toured through Menards so I could get my steps in for the day.  My puny goal is 5,000 each day, and believe it or not, I have a hard time getting that in regularly.  I’m working really hard to achieve that goal each day this week, so a few laps around Menards was just the thing to get those steps!

We finally finished up at Menards and headed home.  By this time, little Wayde was pretty worn out, so I got to enjoy his nighttime routine, including jammies, a clean diaper, and a bottle.  He has grown so quickly and is almost done with bottles, so this may be one the last ones I get to give him.  There is nothing so sweet as feeding a grandson and watching him drift to sleep in your arms.

His mama has been working so hard sleep training him, and he let me just put him right down in the pack-n-play and he was out!  Her hard work has surely paid off!

Today has been a rainy, thundery kind of day.  Dan and I celebrated another successful Friday by watching the rainstorm from comfy dry seats inside the garage.  Dan enjoys an occasional cigar, so he treated himself while I chattered away about school and Wayde my internship and Tucker.  What a lovely, sweet life I live.  I am truly blessed.

See ya tomorrow!

Sleeping grandson

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