A Photo Shoot Along That Will Inspire Anyone

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Learning photography takes practice and dedication!  Sometimes finding people and things to practice on can be difficult for me. I mean, it’s pretty hard to find creativity in the same few people and the same four walls and yard when you’re busy juggling life and family and sneaking in photography practice with little snippets here and there. Enter the Photo Shoot Along!

Let me share with you how I sparked some creativity!  I learned to follow daily photo prompts to help me find ways to see the people and things around me in a different way.  Because of these prompts, I was able to find some new ways to photograph the same old things.  Now I’m excited to create for YOU my very first prompt list, including some of my favorite shots from previous lists.

A handcrafted knitting basket that my dad made for me. I “Cherish” this item.

How To Shoot Along

I have learned that not every new task needs to start on a Monday or in January, so you can start this any day you want! This list is good for any month. However, because Spring feels like a time for new beginnings, I am going to personally run through it in May of 2019. After all, here in Michigan, May is the season where the flowers begin popping up and the summer birds return to the feeders and the boats and motorcycles start appearing in the lakes and on the roads after a long winter’s nap.  I invite you to join me this May for the One A Day May Shoot Along!

Photo of author in her favorite chair.
My creative interpretation of a selfie. This is where you’ll find me most of the time… in my chair reading about photography or editing photos.

Each day on the list has a simple prompt to get you thinking.  Put your thinking cap on (like my Kindergarten teacher used to say) and create a photo that represents the prompt.  Use your phone, your fancy camera, or your point and shoot!  The rule is:  There are no rules!

If you can’t find a “shadow”, you make your own. My son had fun helping me with this project.

Wait!  here actually is one rule now that I think about it….

Have fun!

Finally, without further ado, here’s the list!

  1. Closeup
    • Nothing is off limits here, try zooming in on an eyeball, a flower, a pet paw or a tiny button nose on your new grandson…
  2. Shadow
    • Find one when the sun peeks out, or make your own! You can follow my lead and be creative, like the image above….
  3. Orange
    • The color?  The fruit?  Something else?  Surprise us.
  4. Bloom
    • What can you think of that blooms in the spring?
  5. Five
    • Seems like a tough one, but today is the fifth day of the Shoot-Along, and a great day to photograph something that represents the magic number five.
  6. Food
    • Spring brings a whole new menu at my house.  What’s cooking at yours?
  7. Inspiration
    • What inspires you?  Or what do you have to show off that will inspire us?
  8. Window
    • Peek in, peek out, find a cool one.  The sky’s the limit here!
  9. Strong
    • I can’t wait to see how all of my readers interpret this one.
  10. New
    • Got something new to show off?  Let’s see it.
  11. M is for Mystery
    • And for whatever you can think of that starts with M.
  1. Can’t Live Without It
    • We all have that something that we just can’t live without.  Now is your shot to photograph it creatively.
  2. Cherish
    • Is it a person, a place, a value?  Everyone cherishes something.
  3. Play
    • Everyone loves to play… Outside, inside, board game, card game. Maybe this is a good time to make up a game? As long as you photograph it, it doesn’t matter what the game is!
  4. Spring
    • There are so very many choices to show what makes you think spring today! If you’re following this list on another season, then think of a squeaky, bouncy spring?
  5. Free Choice
    • You’ve made it halfway!  Great job!  Enjoy making a photo of whatever makes your heart sing today.
  6. Old
    • We conquered new a few days ago, so now let’s go back in time.
  7. Sun
    • Sunrise?  Sunset?  Sunshine?  Sunburst?
  8. Simple
    • Keep it simple today.
  9. Yum
    • May in my town brings the annual Tulip Time Festival.  We have food trucks everywhere during Tulip Time, so it’s natural to think of food.  No worries if you don’t have a handy food truck.  Get creative with something yummy today.
  10. This is Me
    • Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera!  If you’re not a natural selfie-taker, now you have a reason to try it out.  No duck lips required!
  11. Bloom
    • It’s easy to think of a flower in bloom. What else is blooming in your world?
  12. Wish
    • I wish I may, I wish I might, what do you wish for tonight?
  13. Tree
    • It doesn’t have to be a tree in the front yard…  Perhaps it’s a family tree you want to share today?  Or something else.
  14. Clouds
    • Michigan clouds are some of the best clouds!  Share what your sky looks like today.
  15. Water
    • So many choices here.  There’s water everywhere.
  16. Song
    • Choose something that represents a song today.
  17. Nature
    • Any season is a good season to get outside and enjoy some nature.  Take a photo while you’re out on your nature walk and share it with us.
  18. Cute
    • Another opportunity for a selfie, hmmmmm?  Or find something else that’s cute besides your perfect face!
  19. Ordinary
    • Sometimes there’s good, old fashioned comfort in the ordinary.
  20. Ending
    • Congratulations! You made it to the end of the list! Show us something that represents an ending today. 
A “closeup” of a tulip during our town’s annual Tulip Time Festival
CLICK HERE to read all about the Tulip Time Festival from my hometown of Holland, Michigan

Once you’ve taken the photo, please share it on the Veronicajune Photography Facebook Page HERE and use the hashtag #oneadayshootalong.  Also mention the day and the prompt in your caption so we know what your photo represents!  Be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page so you can see what others are photographing and join in the conversation. 

An “orange” item I found around my house. I enjoyed zooming in tight to get the texture on this item.

If you’re looking for a solid DSLR in a reasonable price range, check out the Canon 70D. This model is a high-end hobbyist camera that beats a basic Rebel but doesn’t give you too many features to maneuver as a beginner.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

If you want to keep your list handy, I recommend printing it out and putting it somewhere handy in your home or on your desk.  If you’re like me and you will likely lose the paper list, go ahead and make a screenshot right on your phone so you can see it at a glance in your photos whenever you have your phone handy. I often used my lists as wallpaper on my phone so I had a simple reminder without even having to open my photos.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” 


You will end up with 31 fun new photos to add to your collection. You will also gain some skills and develop the new habit of picking your phone up every day. So go ahead… Shoot along!

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4 thoughts on “A Photo Shoot Along That Will Inspire Anyone”

  1. Okay! I am in time for the May shoot along challenge. Yeah! But just know that I am that kinda girl that takes like 1000 pictures and only one comes out nice!!! So my pics will either just make you scream or laugh hilariously. Either way, you can’t stop me now! We are doing this!
    By the way, you do rock short hair more than most! Have a beautiful week!

    • Yahoo! I can’t wait to see what shots you get! And for the record – I shoot a whole bunch to get the perfect one, also! It’s the joy/curse of digital photography these days!


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