An Amazing Colorful Wedding at a Fabulous Venue

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An Amazing Colorful Wedding at a Fabulous Venue

It was a beautiful day for a wedding this summer!  Meet the lovely Jackie and her groom Andy, also known as “The Bread Man”.  They chose the Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens in Fennville, Michigan for their venue.  Here’s a sneak peek image from the ceremony!

A peek into the ceremony at the Apple Blossom Chapel

But before we had a ceremony, I met this spunky bridal party at their hotel for some pre-wedding prep… and fun!

Mom and daughter getting ready

Aren’t their robes adorable?  I went searching and found something pretty similar on Amazon!  I love how our bride had a white robe and the girls had darker colors.  They were so pretty!  Even mom got in on the fun!  And of course, every mom/daughter needs to toast the big day with an IPA!

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The bride getting ready

This bridal party all chipped in to help one another look their beautiful best.  Each bridesmaid helped our lovely bride with part of her look.  Here she’s getting the final touches on her hair.

Details - the hairdo

Details are one of the most important parts of the day.  The lovely Jackie wore a chignon in her hair.  Perfectly understated and gorgeous!

Bridal Party Before

Bride and her lovely bridesmaids…  Can you tell which bridesmaid is her sister?  Beautiful pose, ladies!  And love the theme, too!

Pillow Fighting Bridesmaids

These girls were up for any kind of good fun!  They had an impromptu pillow fight right before it was time to pack up and head on out for the next part of the day.

Getting Married, Bitches!

She’s getting married, Bitches!  And yes, that’s a penis straw.  Told ya these ladies were fun!

The Venue – Apple Blossom Chapel

Entering Apple Blossom Farm Venue

This amazing venue is located in Fennville, Michigan.  From the moment you enter the drive, it screams romance!  Check out the website for the Apple Blossom Chapel HERE.

Apple Blossom Chapel at the venue

Once you make it past the drive-in, the first site is this charming chapel.  The lovely Jackie used this chapel to finish getting dressed and ready for her groom.

Gazebo in pink at the venue

A short walk from the chapel stands this darling gazebo, where we spent much of our day.  Jackie chose this beautiful pink tulle as an accent.  Isn’t it gorgeous!?  I just love the pop of color!

Gazebo with lanterns above at the venue

The view for the bride!  The guests would soon be filling these benches while Jackie walked down this aisle to her handsome fiance!

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Beautiful Gardens for a Beautiful Bride!

The Groom watches his bride

Don’t you just love watching the groom’s face as he sees the love of his life walking down the aisle?  Andy is clearly over the moon for his bride!

The Groom watches his bride

Clearly, Jackie is every bit as much thrilled to see her groom.  Love was flowing everywhere on this day!

Hand Holding

Andy and Jackie chose a wedding sand ceremony to symbolize their unity.  You can read about a sand ceremony HERE.

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Presenting Mr. and Mrs.

Father of the bride

Mother and father of the bride clearly adore their daughter and are so happy for the new couple.  I love their expressions!


The bridesmaids were stunning and I LOVED how they were able to choose dresses in the color and style that best suited their unique personalities.  Great job, Jackie!  These dresses have a great shot at getting worn again and every bridesmaid loves that!

Now these are some handsome groomsmen

The groomsmen were definitely ready to have some fun!  And check out those super trendy ties!  

The Details

Posed Portrait

I love to get the bride and groom aside for a few special shots after the ceremony.  There were so many places to do that at this venue!  This is one of my personal faves from their day.

The rings

The rings were absolutely gorgeous and were family heirlooms.  The assistants at the Apple Blossom Chapel pointed out some of their most cherished photo spots and this little knot in the tree was a perfect setting for these beautiful rings.

Fun around the venue!

Farmer bride and groom - lots of scenes at the Apple Blossom Chapel

Once all the formal photos were done, we had some fun riding around the grounds on the hostess’s golf cart.  Time for some fun!  These two just radiated fun and joy the entire time!

Jackie and the bean tree

This photo was by special request from the venue.  They wanted a photo of “Jackie and the Bean Tree.”  This tree is super cool and makes these giant pea-like pods.  I’m not sure they’re edible, but they’re certainly photogenic!

A New Family!

Baby love

Jackie and Andy were blessed with sweet little Maggie just about 6 weeks earlier, so we couldn’t miss an opportunity to showcase the lovely new family.

The new family

Presenting the Weeks Family!  Thank you for allowing me the privilege of capturing this beautiful day for you!

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