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Places To Go and Things To Do in Holland Michigan That Welcome Dogs

Beautiful Holland Michigan welcomes dogs! Here are some of the top places to go and things to do in Holland, Michigan, that are dog-friendly!

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Rules for Cropping Photos – The Top 5 Tips the Pros Use When Cropping in Lightroom!

It seems like a simple task.  Line up the camera, center your subject, and snap away.  True – Sometimes this does lead to a great capture.  But in almost every case, your image can be improved by following some basic rules for cropping your photos.  Let’s talk about cropping in Lightroom, how it works, and some of those important rules that will make your images pop!

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Make Grandma’s Apple Crisp Recipe with 5 Easy Ingredients

no one makes delicious apple crisp like my grandma did.  My grandma passed when I was only 13, so I can only imagine how much I loved her homemade apple crisp when I was little.  I wish I had stronger memories of making it with her, but since I don’t, I can look forward to passing grandma’s apple crisp recipe along to my grandkids.  Her old fashioned apple crisp recipe is so simple and easy with only five ingredients.  And even better, I get to use some of my favorite kitchen tools!

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Amazing Low Light Photography Settings to Change The Way You Shoot After Dark

Settings for night photography or low light images can be one of the trickiest tasks to master in photography. Shooting pictures in the dark requires you to understand low light photography settings. But no worries! I’ve done the work for you. I’ve researched and written down all the tips and tricks for you to produce stunning pictures after dark and in low light situations.

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5 Reasons Being a Grandma is Better Than Being a Mom

It’s hard to top the glow of new motherhood. Life looks like a whole new adventure laid out before you when they place that sweet child in your arms. Wait! (insert sound of record screeching here). Being a grandma is light years better than being a mom, and here are my five top reasons why!

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