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Is it Cool to Take Photos on the Train Tracks?

Train tracks are awesome for photos, aren’t they!? The mystery of the track and where it leads, the wide-open space that goes forever, and all those leading lines… Who can resist the allure of a set of railroad tracks when shooting portraits?

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Seven Photos To Inspire You When You Need a Spirit Boost

Seven beautiful photos with inspiriting quotes for when you need a Spirit Boost. Big Red is always inspirational, no matter the season.

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Photography Facts – The 5 Things You Need-to-Know about Aperture

What the heck is Aperture? When you begin learning photography, there are so many terms to learn. “Aperture” is just one of the many bits of jargon to sift through.

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More Behind the Scenes of the Out of Chicago Photo Conference

Dawn came way too early with the alarm beeping at me at 3am.  I was so afraid that I’d sleep through the ringing of my alarm clock, so I got right up.  I did not want to miss my shot at the private sunrise viewing from the 94th floor of the Hancock Tower in Chicago.  At the last minute, I realized that I hadn’t asked about bringing my tripod to the Hancock Center. 

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Behind the Scenes of the Out of Chicago Photo Conference

If you are a photographer and you live in the Upper Midwest area of the U.S., then you’ve probably heard of The Out of Chicago Conference.  These words, taken from their website, say it best: “Out of Chicago connects passionate photographers with their photography heroes through intimate photography experiences in amazing locations.”

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