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INSTA Image of Found the Ironclad Way to Not Miss the Photo Moment

I Found The Ironclad Way Not to Miss the Photo Moment!

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Insta Image for A Cottage Poem

A Cottage Poem That Will Make You Long for the Lake

My family loves to take a vacation at my husband’s parents’ cottage about ninety minutes from our home.  They are so very generous in allowing us to come to their second home near Scottville, MI each summer.  We enjoy spending time playing at the lake and on the water.  At home we are far too busy to wash dishes by hand My children have grown up spending long weekends and an occasional whole week at the cottage.  One of my […]

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Ad image #2 for what to wear in family portraits

How to Dress Your Family for Timeless Photos

Wondering what your family should wear for portrait day? Great tips on how to dress everyone for your family portrait session!

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Osprey PIN image

All About a Boat, an Osprey, and a Photograph

When I packed my camera that morning, I had no idea I’d get an opportunity to not only watch an Osprey hunt, but I’d also come home with some fantastic photographs of a local Osprey! I didn’t even know we had such a thing in my little corner of the world.   Suddenly a little head popped up… then another… Osprey heads? I had no idea what kind of bird it was, but it was huge…  and gorgeous…  and was swooping […]

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Ad for Five Simple Ways to be safe meeting a stranger

Safety Tips for Meeting A New Friend from Social Media

You don’t have to be a photographer to make new friends on social media, but being a photographer does give you a good reason to meet up with some of your new social media friends in real person for a photoshoot.

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