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Ad for Five Simple Ways to be safe meeting a stranger

Safety Tips for Meeting A New Friend from Social Media

You don’t have to be a photographer to make new friends on social media, but being a photographer does give you a good reason to meet up with some of your new social media friends in real person for a photoshoot.

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AD image for Amazing Photos of the Stars and the Milky Way

How to Take Amazing Photos of the Stars and the Milky Way

The ding of adventure called… and now I can tell you the settings you need to capture amazing photos of the stars and the milky way

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5 DIY Hacks that Promise Photo Results Every Time

So you love taking photos, but wanna save a dime?  Here’s my five best tips to use in place of expensive camera equipment!

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An Adventure in Lighthouse Photography

Don’t be afraid to get wet. I was wading up to my butt in the lake and I had never done that before.

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