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Behind the Scenes of a First-Time Dog Owner

My grandmother knew the secret… Dogs are gross!

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Life Lessons From a Butterfly About Being Humble and Kind

Friends, it pays to be nice, no matter who you’re dealing with.

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The 10 Photography Terms You Need to Learn Right Now

Once you enter the world of photography, you will start hearing a whole new vocabulary.  Here are ten terms you will hear regularly when reading and talking about Photography.  Study up, cuz’ you’ll definitely want to know when and how to use them…  You know, so you can sound like one of the “cool kids”.

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How a Low Angle Shot Can Drastically Improve Your Photo Composition

Everyone loves to get a new, “fancy” camera.  Everyone also loves a photo tip to go along with it!  You dream of the beautiful photos you will take once you get that DSLR home and in your hands.  What a difference a new camera will make in your photography!

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I Found The Ironclad Way Not to Miss the Photo Moment!

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