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Seven Beautiful Portraits of Big Red Lighthouse That Will Inspire You

Big Red Lighthouse in Holland, Michigan is a beautiful sight. 7 Amazing Photographs that will inspire you!

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You Need to Pack These 10 Crazy Items in Your Camera Bag

Sometimes people are surprised at the crazy things I pack in my camera bag. The truth is every professional photographer has a few must-have items that they can’t live without stuffed in their bag.  “What do I pack in my camera bag?” is a common question for many beginner photographers. 

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Mourning Dove with Quote

Seven Inspirational Photo Quotes

Seven Inspirational Photo Quotes I love a beautiful photo.  I also love beautiful words.  I find both incredibly inspirational, so it just made sense to create some of my own memes with some of my favorite shots and some of my favorite quotes.  Enjoy, and please feel free to share and pin to your heart’s content! My son loves to read the Harry Potter books.  He’s also into reading any kind of graphic novel.  We had a great time making […]

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Life Lessons From a Butterfly About Being Humble and Kind

Friends, it pays to be nice, no matter who you’re dealing with.

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The 10 Photography Terms You Need to Learn Right Now

Once you enter the world of photography, you will start hearing a whole new vocabulary.  Here are ten terms you will hear regularly when reading and talking about Photography.  Study up, cuz’ you’ll definitely want to know when and how to use them…  You know, so you can sound like one of the “cool kids”.

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