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10 Things I Wish I Knew About Long Term Therapy

If you’ve ever wondered what to expect when you visit a therapist, you’re in the right place. Let me tell you about my experience. It is not scary at all!

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How to use Baking Photography for the Perfect Lifestyle Photoshoot

If you have children available and like cookies, then a baking photoshoot is perfect for you and your family!  Baking photography is fun and lends itself to the natural expressions and joy that everyone loves in a lifestyle photoshoot.

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10 Super Simple Unposed Photography Prompts for Families

Use these 10 Super Simple unposed photography prompts for families the next time you are shooting family photos. Whether you are a hobby photographer shooting your best friend’s family or a professional who takes clients, you need to know how to get people feeling comfortable when you’re about to photograph them! Getting people to smile and look like they are having a great time can be difficult when you’re posing them into awkward positions and strange angles.

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Use These 11 Fun Group Poses for the Best Prompted Group Photos

Every photographer gets an opportunity (or the challenge) of shooting a big group of people. Let’s be honest; it can be intimidating to find group poses for a big group of people looking your way and waiting for direction. Try using Photography Prompts for groups to help your clients focus on having fun and interacting with one another.

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Be Brave and Courageous – 100 Fun Ways to Say No

When I am having a hard time saying no, it could be because I fear that the opportunity will never come again or that I will upset the person who requested something of me. I have learned a few things about myself in therapy, and one of those things is that I fear upsetting other people. I am learning that bravery doesn’t only count when I’m in life-threatening situations but also in small, everyday moments.

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