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When Dreams Come True: Photographing Bald Eagles in the Wild

I have loved Bald Eagles for as long as I can remember. It could be their statuesque beauty or their intense presence. I have always dreamed of taking photos of one of these bald beauties!

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Get Cozy With This Unique Home Made Winter Snowflake Mantle

Each month I choose a different theme, usually related to the month’s holiday or season, and run with it. So today let’s talk about my January mantle and how I put it together!

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Your Perfect Grandparent Nickname How To Choose From This List of 25

Did you know that in today’s modern world, you get to choose your Grandparent name!? It was a new idea for me, and left me wondering what the options were. This Grandma wants you to be ready for when you get asked, “What would you like your grandma name to be?”

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5 Things No One Bothered to Tell You About Parenting Grown Children

Parenting Grown Children is no simple task. Here are five things that no one bothered to tell you about the reality of being a parent to young adults.

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Everything You Need to Know About When and How to Creatively Use White Balance

What is White Balance and how can I use it creatively to make my photos pop? Learn the “right” way and how to break the rules!

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