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Image showing correct cropping lines

The Top 5 Tips the Pros use when Cropping Photos!

In almost every case, your image can be improved upon by a solid crop. Cropping your image is all about aligning items in your image in a way that helps direct the movement of the viewer’s eyes.

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How To Use Aperture To Produce Epic Starbursts in Your Photos

Capturing a starburst is easier than you think with this handy guide to using aperture.

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Landscape-Photographer-Holland-Michigan-Editing PIN

The Power of Editing – Taking A Photo from Average to Astounding!

What a “nice” Picture! Do you ever wonder what goes into the process of editing a photo?  Part of the work of a pro photographer is taking a photo from “really nice” right out of the camera to “eye-popping” after post-processing.  Here we’ll talk about how powerful editing can be in taking your photos from average to outstanding! If you’ve read my blog before, then you know I always have a story that relates to my subject.  Here’s what got […]

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What Makes A Successful Watermark and When to Use It!

Have you wondered what a watermark is and if, when and why you should watermark your own photos

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25 Genius Gift Ideas for the Photographer in Your Life!

If you have someone in your life who just loves photography, but you’re a little stuck for ideas, then look no further!  Read on for a list of gifts that any photographer will love! Fashion Conscious? Every photographer loves fine details.  It’s part of what makes them tick and also likely what makes them a great photographer!  So it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that they would like to wear some of those details to give a hint at what they […]

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