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You Need to Pack These 10 Crazy Items in Your Camera Bag

Sometimes people are surprised at the crazy things I pack in my camera bag. The truth is every professional photographer has a few must-have items that they can’t live without stuffed in their bag.  “What do I pack in my camera bag?” is a common question for many beginner photographers. 

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Mourning Dove with Quote

Seven Inspirational Photo Quotes

Beautiful Photos and Inspirational Words I love a beautiful photo.  I also love beautiful words.  I find both incredibly inspirational, so it just made sense to create some of my own memes with some of my favorite shots and some of my favorite quotes.  Enjoy, and please feel free to share and pin to your heart’s content! My son loves to read the Harry Potter books.  He’s also into reading any kind of graphic novel.  We had a great time […]

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Pic of Jada & Tuck at Christmas

Dogs Are Gross

I did not grow up with a dog in the house.  My mother came from a background where the carpets were vacuumed into a pattern and left to be that way for the entire day. Jada & Tucker await Santa’s visit at their first Christmas together I Did Not Grow Up With A Dog in the House Hairspray was only used in a special portion of the unfinished basement in an effort to keep the overspray under control.  Picture a […]

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butterfly on placard picture

A Meijer Story… And A Butterfly Photo

Last Spring I paid for a “class” at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens Butterfly Conservatory – Part of the class allowed a 2 hour time frame with 12 other paid participants to enter the gardens and take as many pics as I wanted of the butterflies along with the coaching of a local professional photographer. It pays to be NICE! We had the whole place to ourselves and that is a highly coveted thing…. The Butterflies Are Blooming exhibit is a […]

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10 Photography Terms You Need to Learn Right Now

Once you enter the world of photography, you will start hearing a whole new vocabulary.  Here are ten terms you will hear regularly when reading and talking about Photography.  Study up, cuz’ you’ll definitely want to know when and how to use them…  You know, so you can sound like one of the “cool kids”.

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