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October 29, 2019

You Need to Follow These 2 Inspirational Bloggers

Today I am going to share with you two bloggers that I support and read regularly!  It's worth your time to take a look...

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October 2, 2019

An Amazing Colorful Wedding at a Fabulous Venue

Jackie & Andy enjoyed a beautiful summer day at the Apple Blossom Chapel venue in Fennville, MI for their gorgeous garden wedding ceremony. ...

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September 16, 2019

How to Get the Most Out of a Location for Private Senior Portraits

I think the best part about working with Hanna and her mom for senior portraits was how open-minded they both were.

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August 12, 2019

Seven Photos To Inspire You When You Need a Spirit Boost

Seven beautiful photos with inspiriting quotes for when you need a Spirit Boost. Big Red is always inspirational, no matter the season.

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May 13, 2019

Why You Should Hire A Pro Photographer

hiring a professional photographer instead of a big box store or having your friend who got a “fancy” camera

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