Amazing Low Light Photography Settings To Change The Way You Shoot After Dark

AD image for low light photography settings showing a fountain with a face

Settings for night photography or low light images can be one of the trickiest tasks to master in photography. Shooting pictures in the dark requires you to understand low light photography settings. But no worries! I’ve done the work for you. I’ve researched and written down all the tips and tricks for you to produce stunning pictures after dark and in low light situations.

How to Shoot an Amazing Action Shot Using Panning

Dude on a quad showing action with panning

How do you go about capturing fast action when you’re shooting? Do you typically try to freeze action with your camera? Me, too… that is, until I discovered a technique called PANNING. Panning is the act of moving your camera at the same speed of a moving object in order to freeze the subject while showing intense movement in the background. It will take practice, but that along with a couple simple shifts of your settings and you can make it happen.