Need an Attitude Status for Boys and Men? 150+ to Use for Social Media and Scrapbooks

AD image for the post attitude status for boys showing a hip young man sitting on a curb and wearing ripped jeans.

If you are a parent to boys, like me, you may find yourself in need of an attitude status for boys now and then. Boys and men love to have attitude. As mom, wife, grandma, teacher, friend, we need to be sure they are using their attitude in a positive way! Why? Check out this great article on why a positive attitude is so important. But don’t worry! I’ve compiled some cool attitude statuses and captions that work for all kinds of attitudes, especially good ones, as well as some quotes boys will like for their Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and in your scrapbooks. So next time you need to post something about your boys attitude, go ahead and pick one of these boys attitude quotes or statuses!