Don’t Forget to Take these 5 Happy Family Thanksgiving Pictures This Year!

AD image of a father and daughter serving a Thanksgiving family dinner in a thanksgiving family picture

Every year, a day or two after Thanksgiving, after we’ve served the food, entertained the family, hugged and kissed the kids and grandkids, and eaten all of the leftovers, I have a moment of sadness. I look back and take note that I didn’t get enough Thanksgiving family pictures. I sure do love happy thanksgiving family images. Every year I wish I had taken more.

5 Ways Fear Based Thinking Holds You Back from Becoming a Better Photographer

AD image with a woman making a fear based thinking face

Did you know that fear-based thinking could be keeping you stuck and making you feel like a mediocre photographer? If you’ve been reviewing your images and are not as happy with them as you could be, then you could be suffering from a good old-fashioned case of fear.  If you’re struggling with a fear based mindset, you could be convincing yourself that you are okay with your results.  Fear can be keeping you from taking risks or working toward a goal.