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This is where it all started!  Learn how to rock that fancy DSLR camera with the Hip Grandma.  Here we talk about the best tips, tricks, and techniques to make your photos pop.  And this Hip Grandma loves gadgets, so be prepared for some cool reviews!
AD image of a father and daughter serving a Thanksgiving family dinner in a thanksgiving family picture
November 8, 2021

Don’t Forget to Take these 5 Happy Thanksgiving Family Pictures This Year!

Every year, a day or two after Thanksgiving, after we’ve served the food, entertained the family, hugged and kissed the kids and grandkids, and...

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AD image showing a star trail image with trees in the foreground for night photography
November 8, 2021

5 Simple Steps to Use when Photographing Stars and Star Trails

Since you cannot set your shutter speed at precisely 20.59, go ahead and round that to the closest setting. Now you have a...

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AD image of kids hands holding cups of hot cocoa shown from above in a Christmas photo shoot
November 8, 2021

The Great Big List of Christmas Prompts for Your Christmas Photo Shoots

Christmas comes every year, and with it comes the fantastic opportunity for Christmas Photo Shoots.  Whether you’re a photographer taking clients or you’re shooting...

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AD image for rules for cropping photos - the top 5 tips the pros use when cropping in lightroom
October 8, 2021

Rules for Cropping Photos – The Top 5 Tips the Pros Use When Cropping in Lightroom!

It seems like a simple task.  Line up the camera, center your subject, and snap away.  True – Sometimes this does lead to a...

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AD image for low light photography settings showing a fountain with a face
October 4, 2021

Amazing Low Light Photography Settings to Change The Way You Shoot After Dark

Settings for night photography or low light images can be one of the trickiest tasks to master in photography. Shooting pictures in the...

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