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How to take Epic Fireworks Photos
June 10, 2019

How to Capture Epic Firework Photos With The Best 5 Tips (+ Free Cheat Sheet)

Have you struggled with capturing a decent photo of fireworks? Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

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AD image of kids in a photo compilation
April 12, 2019

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Box Photos

Box photography is a fairly new trend in creative portraiture. It involves the construction of one large box in which a variety of...

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March 27, 2019

The Top 5 Tips the Pros use when Cropping Photos!

In almost every case, your image can be improved upon by a solid crop. Cropping your image is all about aligning items...

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PIN image palm tree with starburst effect behind a palm tree
March 12, 2019

Epic Photography – Capturing A Perfect Starburst Is Easier than You Think

Capturing a starburst is easier than you think with this handy guide to using aperture.

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Landscape-Photographer-Holland-Michigan-Editing PIN
February 14, 2019

The Power of Editing – Taking A Photo from Average to Astounding!

What a “nice” Picture! Do you ever wonder what goes into the process of editing a photo?  Part of the work of a pro...

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