The 7 Best Tips for Photographing Holland’s Flowering Tulips

Ad image for photographing flowering tulips with a pink tulip in a field of white

If you aren’t lucky enough to live here in Holland, you can easily find tulips at your local nursery or check your nearby parks and gardens. You can even plant them in your backyard garden. Hop online to Veldheer Tulip Gardens and order some tulip bulbs and flower bulbs for your hardiness zone. Get them planted in the fall, and by mid-spring, you will be able to enjoy your very own flowered tulips!

5 Simple Steps to use when Photographing Stars and Star Trails

AD image showing a star trail image with trees in the foreground for night photography

Since you cannot set your shutter speed at precisely 20.59, go ahead and round that to the closest setting. Now you have a base number at which to begin. You will fine-tune this number when you’re on-site but take note that this is only your starting point, and you will end up making a few adjustments. After a few tweaks, I ended up setting my shutter speed at 23. If you’re forgetful like me or nervous when you arrive at your site, take note and write these #s down now. Tuck them into your camera bag, so you are ready when you get there!