Everything You Need to Plan a Photography-Themed Day Off

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Everything You Need to Plan a Photography-Themed Day Off

Do you have a day off coming up?  Maybe a Saturday or another day of the week?  Here is the perfect list of photography-themed activities and entertainment that are perfect for the photographer’s day off!  You could even plan ahead, so you’re ready for the next snow day or school holiday!

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Start Your Day Off With A Movie

Every good day off starts with a plan.  Plan to watch a great movie while you whittle away your day.  Of course, for this photo-themed day, you’ll want a photo-themed movie.  One of my classic favorites is BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY.  Starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood, here is a romantic story of a 1950’s housewife and her 4-day affair with a traveling photographer.  This one will surely pull your heartstrings.

Movie poster for Bridges of Madison County
Movie image of Picture a Perfect Christmas

Next on the playlist?  A holiday-themed flick!  Check out Picture a Perfect Christmas, a Hallmark Holiday movie starring Merritt Patterson and Jon Cor.  This is a romantic holiday story of a sports photographer who returns to her hometown to care for her grandmother and finds love.  Bonus points for the cute dog!

If those aren’t enough to fill your day, then you can always fire up your Netflix account to stream my favorite documentary about photographers at work.  Each episode of Tales by Light follows a world-renowned photographer as they travel into extreme conditions to capture unique stories.  Beware – this one will make you want to travel and explore the world!

Day Off Snacks

Now that we’ve got our playlist for the day, let’s talk about your snack plan!  You’ll have fun putting together these Camera Brownies from Kojo Designs and then chowing down!  You can even get the kids in on this day-off activity!

Camera themed brownies for a photographer's day off

Camera Crafts

Feeling like crafting while you watch your movies and enjoy your camera brownies?  Enjoy these camera-themed crafts that will keep you busy on your photography-themed day! 

If you have a sewing machine, you can easily craft a camera strap with your own personal flair.  You will love making this fun and simple DIY scarf-style camera strap from Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family.

Home & Family scarf camera strap project

Sewing isn’t your thing?  An alternative to sewing is this pretty knitted camera strap cover – A photography-themed day off is a great day to pull out the knitting needles.  This craft is especially fun if you don’t need a new strap because you can add a colorful pop to the strap you already love!

With these two awesome projects, you’re not only having fun, but you’re being productive!  Next time you suit up for a photoshoot, you’ll be carrying your camera in style!

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Santa Cam ornament for photographer's day off

If your snow day happens before Christmas, here’s a super fun ornament craft for this year’s Christmas tree.  Bonus!  This Santa Cam Ornament makes a great gift for the kiddo in your life.  It’s super-simple and will make a keepsake for years to come!  Bonus – the kiddo you give it to will know that Santa’s got his eye on them.  What a fun and inventive way to assure good behavior all year-round!

Amazon for the win!

Not a crafter?  That’s okay!  Fire up the laptop or iPad and do some shopping for yourself or your photography buddy!  Here’s a great place to find some fun trinkets to treat yourself!  Once your day of photography fun is over, you’ll get a fun surprise in your mailbox!  

Bonus!  Make it part of your plan to pass the list along to those who might want to treat you to a surprise one day.

This should be enough excitement to fill up a whole day!  Enjoy your next planned day off or impromptu snow day.  Be sure and let me know in the comments how your day turned out.  And as always, share your ideas!

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