Meet Alina Georgiev, Newborn Photographer

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Meet Alina Georgiev, Newborn Photographer

Along my photography journey, I have had the pleasure of meeting some really fantastic photographers.  Meet Alina Georgiev, based in Texas, who excels at her craft as a newborn photographer.

Here’s a peek into my recent interview with Alina.

Alina Georgiev, Newborn Photographer

Tell us the basics!

Thank you so much for letting me pick your brain for my photography blog.  Your work is incredible, and I’ve enjoyed watching some of your journey unfold since we’ve connected online.  To start, we would love to hear about your family!

Thank you! I am married and have 3 girls: Eva, 6; Gracie, 4; and Katerina, 18 months old.

Where are you located?

We’ve been in Plano, Texas for the past 2 years, which is north of Dallas.

Maternal Mama

History, Sweet History

It’s what makes us who we are today…

When did you first pick up a camera, Alina?

I have been a photographer/hobbyist for as long as I can remember. When I was 10, I had a Kodak cartridge 110 film camera and my best friend and I regularly would dress up and take terrible photos of each other and then get them developed at Walmart and laugh hysterically about how we looked. As a teenager, I was always selling my old camera gear and buying the newest & latest point-and-shoot. In college, I “upgraded” to a film SLR (I used Canon at that time, now I shoot Nikon) and took film photography classes alongside my finance courses. I loved the dark room and how magical it was.

I remember the days of film photography as well…  although I have shot with Canon for as long as I can remember.

Lavender Lady and infant

The Making of a Pro!

Would you consider yourself a pro or a hobbyist?

I am professional now. I’ve built a pretty good business in the past several years and I’ve steadily been getting busier and busier with clients, especially this last year.  My skill level grew quickly when I niched down to my specialty and focused all my training on that.

Sweet Sleeping Infant

Who inspires you in the field of photography and why?

My mentor, Lindsay Walden, inspires me with her work but also with how she runs her business. I follow a lot of photographers, but a few favorites are: Sue Bryce, Lola Melani, Kelly Brown, Kath V, Noelle Mirabella. They are all so different, but inspiring in various ways.   

This is a great list of pros!  For readers who are interested in checking out their work, I have created some convenient links here that will direct you to their Instagram Pages.  Simply click on the name:  Sue Bryce, Lola Melani, Kelly Brown, Kath V, Noelle Mirabella

Sweet Pink baby bear

What is the most important tool you use? Could be a piece of equipment, software or any kind of gadget…

My camera, Nikon D810, and studio lighting. I love natural light and use it also, but studio light is so consistent and helpful for still being able to work when the weather is too terrible to be outside. And of course, Photoshop. It’s magical and can take an okay image and make it amazing.

Photoshop is an amazing tool!  For readers who are interested in exploring Photoshop, you can check it out HERE.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

Check out the camera Alina uses to make her magic!  

Mother and infant in white

About how many hours would you say you invest into a client from your initial consultation until you deliver their photographs?

It varies on the client. At least 20 hours. A lot of my clients are completing two sessions: maternity and newborn, so the experience is much longer. I also do a planning consult with them before the session, then do the session, then we meet up again for them to choose their favorite images and I design any products they purchase, so all that adds up.

Sweet Bunny in a bowl

Please show us a piece of work that you are very proud to call yours and tell us something about it.

The image of Eva, my oldest daughter, on the all-white background with the flower crown, is one of my favorites of her from this year. I love that I can create those portraits of my own girls as well as my clients. Professional portraits are priceless. They will be the most valued possession of any mother, especially of her children. I love that I have a part in that.

Alina's daughter, Eva
Alina’s beautiful daughter, Eva

How do you balance your family life with your work life?

I don’t!  Life is crazy right now. My business has been booming, especially this past year and it’s hard to keep up! My kids are young still, so my attention is pulled in many directions. I do my best and try to be okay with that. I’m doing great in some areas and failing in others (like laundry, who does that?).  

I think that makes you a normal working mother in today’s age!  I understand how difficult it is to balance work and home life.  Thank goodness for modern day conveniences like fast food, grocery delivery, and washing machines to keep us afloat, right?

Mother and Baby Image

Thank you, Alina, for taking some time out of your busy life to share your work with us.  We certainly appreciate a glimpse into the life of such a talented photographer.  Where can the readers find out more information about you and your work?

You’re welcome!  My website is  You can also check me out on facebook at, and follow me on Instagram at

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