I Found The Ironclad Way Not to Miss the Photo Moment!

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I Found The Ironclad Way Not to Miss the Photo Moment!

One of the most significant pieces of advice I have heard is to “Always Stop for the Photograph.” I like to mix that up and say, “Never Don’t Take the Moment.”  So I have found the ironclad way not to miss the photo moment!

A Nugget of Brilliance is a Good Nugget to Know!

This nugget of brilliance comes from one of my photography mentors, Eric Criswell.  Eric travels around the world with his wife and daughters and captures gorgeous images wherever he goes.  Someday I will grow up and be just like him!

You can check out Eric’s incredible work HERE.  His advice is priceless, yet I didn’t take it to heart ‘til I experienced NOT doing this.  So in my mind, I have altered this advice to “Never Don’t Take the Moment.”

I’m sure my fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Tenelshof (or Mr. T for short) would not approve of my choice of words. After all, we all know how horrible it is to use a double-negative.  Mr. T instilled the rule of double-negatives into my brain with a big voice and a lecture that included words like “Don’t” and “Have No” written on his hands.

The whole thing intimidated me, being a bit of a frail, shy child, but also left a BIG impression on me.  I also vaguely recall a kind of pseudo-dance-move within his presentation that may or may not have made me giggle internally.  But, I digress…

Never Don’t Take the Moment

We All Know How Horrible it is to use a Double-Negative

The point here is not how to say it, but to follow this fantastic advice!  Eric coaches that when you’re traveling, and you see something that triggers your creative brain, you should stop.  Take the moment to capture the image.  Those with you will wait and understand, and you may never get another opportunity to capture that exact moment.

If you’re looking for more fantastic inspiration, you should definitely check out SEVEN INSPIRATIONAL PHOTO QUOTES, which is filled with images that I did take the moment to capture.

I Didn’t Take His Words to Heart ’til it Happened to Me

I believed Eric, but I didn’t really take his words to heart until it happened to me (Insert sad sigh here).  One day I was traveling home after having spent a day with a friend, who lives in a neighboring town about 40 minutes away.  When we get together, we spend hours together, sometimes late into the day.  Of course, when this happens, I’m usually pretty ready to get home after an extended visit and check in with my family. 

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So here I was traveling down the highway on my way home from my friend’s house with my trusty Canon 70D in the passenger seat when I saw the most beautiful sight.  The sun was setting in the distance.  It was a brilliant orange color with shades of red and pink and it was magnificent.

Suddenly, as I was admiring the colors in the sky, I passed by a line of 10-20 power line towers shrinking into the distance.  Better yet – the whole scene was framed with trees that lined the edges of the bare strip of the landscape that made room for the towers.

In the split second that I passed by the view, I made the decision not to take the time to stop and capture the moment.  Silly me – I thought I’d undoubtedly be traveling this way again and I’d get it the next time.  Oops.  I didn’t listen to my inner Eric-voice.  I traveled on.

If you’re looking for an awesome camera, you can’t go wrong with a Canon 70D.  It is what I primarily shoot with and has made many gorgeous images for me!  Check it out by clicking on the link to the right.

I Traveled On Instead of Stopping. Oops.

I have traveled that section of the highway dozens of times since that night, but I have yet to see that sight again.  The image remains in my head, but I didn’t get it on film (okay, in megapixels).  And I remember the moment that I missed, and I feel irritated Every. Single. Time. 

The lesson is obvious.  When you see a moment, take it!  And this doesn’t only apply to photography.  How many times have you missed out on a fun moment with the family because you figure you’ll catch it next time on another day?  Friends, don’t miss the moment.  The regret of a lost photo is nothing compared to the disappointment of a missed moment with family.

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