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Hi and welcome! I am Veronica Bareman, Hip Grandma, Wife, Mother, Photographer, and Adventurer!  As a passionate woman just starting the middle years of my life, I am here to share my journey with you and take you along on my many adventures in parenting and  grandparenting, and capturing it all in pictures!  Welcome to my little piece of the world.  Enjoy your time here.

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10 Super Simple Photography Prompts for Families

Use these 10 Super Simple Photography Prompts for families the next time you are shooting family photos. Whether you are a hobby photographer shooting your best friend’s family or a professional who takes clients, you need to know how to get people feeling comfortable when you’re about to photograph them! Getting people to smile and look like they are having a great time can be difficult when you’re posing them into awkward positions and strange angles.

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Six of the Most Creative In-The-Box Photography Ideas

I love in-the-box photography! It is so much fun to get creative and take photos in a giant box. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative in-the-box photography ideas!

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Box Photo Template in Photoshop

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Box Photo Template in Photoshop Today I am going to teach you exactly how to create your very own Box Photo template in Photoshop.  Previously in this series, we gave an overview of box photography;  What is it and how do we do it?  We talked about how to build your box.  We walked directly through the steps necessary to turn your images into a completed composite, and now we are going to talk […]

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