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Hi and welcome! I am Veronica Bareman, Hip Grandma, Wife, Mother, Photographer, and Adventurer!  As a passionate woman just starting the middle years of my life, I am here to share my journey with you and take you along on my many adventures in parenting, grandparenting, traveling and coping with mental health stuff (my own and the people I love) and capturing it all in pictures!  Welcome to my little piece of the world.  Enjoy your time here.

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12 Cute Poses for Girls for the Hobby Photographer

If you’re looking for some cute poses for girls, look no further! Here are 10 top poses that will get your girl subject having fun in front of the camera, no matter her age!

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5 Simple Steps for Photographing Stars and Star Trails

Since you cannot set your shutter speed at precisely 20.59, go ahead and round that to the closest setting. Now you have a base number at which to begin. You will fine-tune this number when you’re on-site but take note that this is only your starting point, and you will end up making a few adjustments. After a few tweaks, I ended up setting my shutter speed at 23. If you’re forgetful like me or nervous when you arrive at your site, take note and write these #s down now. Tuck them into your camera bag, so you are ready when you get there!

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Trendy or Traditional? What Grandma Name Will You Choose?

In today’s world, choosing your grandmother name is both a joy and an honor! Here’s the question: Do you prefer a trendy grandma name or a more traditional grandmother name?

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