Seven Inspirational Photo Quotes

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Seven Inspirational Photo Quotes

I love a beautiful photo.  I also love beautiful words.  I find both incredibly inspirational, so it just made sense to create some of my own memes with some of my favorite shots and some of my favorite quotes.  Enjoy, and please feel free to share and pin to your heart’s content!

Inspirational quote about reading

My son loves to read the Harry Potter books.  He’s also into reading any kind of graphic novel.  We had a great time making this photo happen, from concept to delivery.  It was also a great illustration in “movie magic” for him and a lesson in knowing that not everything you see can be believed.

A picture of a path into the distance surrounded by greenery.

This is a little bike path that rides behind our local elementary school and adjacent to a beautiful cemetery.  It is also a great shortcut to our beautiful downtown area that we often visit by bike in the summer.  This picture reminds me why we love where we live so very much.  Because this is what my neighborhood feels like.

You should really check out my beautiful town!  You can learn all about Holland, Michigan HERE.

If you decide to visit, then here are Seven Reasons You MUST Visit Holland, Mi During Tulip Time

God Creates the Beauty quote

There is so much beauty in the details of life.  I love to practice macro photography, which is the art of looking at tiny details.  Many would find this pesky weed ugly, my husband included because it popped up in the middle of the grass that he works so hard to keep trimmed and green.  If you take a minute to look at it closely, though, you will see those tiny details and their beauty.

Storms Quote

One day we were out on the big lake (or Lake Michigan in this part of the country) with some friends.  We saw these storm clouds rolling in and made a break back to the boat launch for safety before the storm hit us.

Mourning Dove with Quote

This quote is one of my favorites and very personal to me.  My children have grown and flown from the nest over the past few years.  I have been caught completely off-guard by how difficult it has been to watch them become adults and make their own decisions.  See, I have tendency to like being in control.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

I had envisioned their futures in a bit of an “already planned out” sort of way.  What a shock it has been to see that they have their own plans.  But the biggest epiphany of all is that their plans are sometimes even better than mine.  I am learning to find the peace in watching them live their own lives and make their own adult-sized decisions, even when they don’t match my vision.

Poverty Quote by Mother Teresa

This shot was taken in Chicago’s Chinatown in fall of 2017.  It was an unusually cold day in the city, around 30 degrees, so this gentleman was soaking up some rays of sun just inside the entry of one of the public buildings.  It pulled my heartstrings to see him there alone and cold trying to warm up while the foot traffic along the street never slowed down.

If you haven’t read this book, you should.

Beauty and Save button quote

Each spring we have a beautiful blooming bush (or maybe it’s a tree) that puts on a show in my yard.  I could look at these flowers for hours.  Sometimes I do, but usually through the lens of my camera.  I love that with a quick >SNAP< I can capture the view.

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